10 Interview Questions to Ask your Photographer

To preserve your wedding memories, it is critical to select the right photographer for your wedding day.   While all couples have their own unique needs, these questions are a great starting point as you interview photographers.  We’ve listed the questions and what the correct answers should be.

    1. How can I view your portfolio?  Online galleries are a convenient option, but don’t always tell the whole story.  If you are considering an album purchase, it is best to view in person so you can inspect the materials and designs.
    2. What is your style and what does that mean?  There are several photography styles; traditional, photojournalistic, stylized, candid.  Look for a photographer that offers a blend of these styles to meet your needs.  Ask them to define the term to be sure it meets your definition.  They should have sample images to support their styles.
    3. Will I receive the files to my high resolution images and do I own the copyrights?  DO NOT use a photographer that refuses to give you, or charges additional fees, for the high-resolution files and a personal copyright release.  Without one, you can not print your own images.
    4. What happens in an emergency and my photographer gets sick or can’t make my wedding? It is highly recommended to only use a studio with multiple photographers and a fool-proof contingency plan for emergencies. The only way to fully guarantee that you won’t be without a photographer on your wedding day is to go with a studio that hires photographers to be on-call.
    5. How soon after my wedding can I see my images?  The number one complaint couples have about their wedding photography is having to wait an unrealistic amount of time to see their images and to get their wedding album. DO NOT use a wedding photographer that speaks in vague generalities or is reluctant to guarantee a suitable turnaround time. Mike Staff Productions guarantees that you will see your proofs within one month of your wedding and can usually ship finished albums within 12 weeks. Compare this to the national average of 10 MONTHS.
    6. How does the album design process work? Reputable photography studios will have a proven post production system in place to help make designing your wedding album a breeze. You want creative input, without having work too hard … that’s what you’re paying the studio to do, after all. Mike Staff Productions has implemented cutting edge technology that allows our clients to conveniently access their designs online to offer suggestions and give creative input.
    7. Does the photographer work well with “my team” (ie: DJs, videographers, hall managers, etc.)? Beware of photographers that don’t work well with others. It is not uncommon for photographers to get so wrapped up in their own self-importance that they lose sight of your ultimate goal … a smooth wedding day AND great images.
    8. Are we allowed to submit our own shot list? Can you help me develop one?  Beware of photographers that do not ask for your input, or worse, refuse to listen to your ideas & unique vision.
    9. Are you insured? Do not hire a company that doesn’t have at least $1,000,000 of coverage.
    10. Can I have the number for previous clients? Reputable photographers should always have many enthusiastic past clients that would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. If you prefer not to call strangers, visit online review websites to get honest feedback about your photographer. DO NOT use a photographer that you can’t find numerous reviews about.

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