5 Quick Tips For “Perfectly You” Wedding Photography

Smile … this is all about you! The prospect of finding the perfect wedding photographer can be overwhelming. If you’re like most people you have never had to hire a professional photographer before. Follow these 5 quick tips for getting the perfect wedding images.

Fit Your Style. It’s easy to get caught up in price points and packages when choosing your photographer, but do yourselves a favor and start your search by choosing a wedding photography style. There are countless styles: traditional, clean, straight-on shots to creative angles and inventive backdrops like the downtown area, the chipped paint look, etc. Knowing what aesthetic you want from the start will help you find a photographer you love for the right reason.

Choose your Colors. If you love the look of black-and-white or sepia photos, it’s a good idea communicate that ahead of time. While your photographer will be shooting in digital, she knows what colors translate best into certain pictures. This will keep all your photographs looking sharp.

Get what you want. Tell your photographer want you want in your wedding photos. Give her a list of poses, locations, and styles. It is a great idea to find your ideal wedding photos online or in a magazine and share them with your photographer. This gives your photographer direction and demonstrates your ideal photography.

Trust Your Photographer. It is important to communicate what you want to your photographer, but make sure this is done before your wedding day. It’s even more important to be flexible on the day of your wedding. The weather may not corporate or you may get stuck in traffic, but don’t get upset when you can’t hit all your photo locations. Pick a few favorites and move on. Trust your photographer to keep you on-schedule, to take beautiful shots, and to know what will look best. You hired her for a reason.

Family Pictures. Your wedding is a great opportunity for family pictures. How often is the whole family together and all dressed up? Don’t waste time trying to get every combo of grandparents, siblings, and cousins, though. Put together a short list of the must-have family shots you want and then take one big family photo with everyone in it. This allows the photographer to have more time taking those candid shots that you will love the most.

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