7 Ways Brides Overspend on Their Wedding

Not Doing Research

I am sure you have heard the phrases: “Measure twice cut once” or ‘Haste makes waste.’ This is all too true in wedding planning. Many brides get a little too excited after their engagement and start buying the decorations, assembling centerpieces and booking services without doing proper research. Slow down … stick to your budget, and compare the value of all your wedding goods and services before whipping out your credit card.

Not Bundling Services

You’ve heard it from your internet, telephone, and TV provider: you really do save when you bundle services. Think about Economies of Scale. The more a company produces, the lower the overhead. The same is true with wedding companies. When you buy multiple services, such as DJ, Photography and Videography from one company; or your fiancé gets his tux from the same store you bought your dress, you save. Plus, the convenience of working with fewer vendors will save you an incredible amount of time in the long run.

Not Getting Rights to Photography

Did you know that buying extra prints from your photographer can cost you hundreds of dollars more than you budgeted? If you own the rights to your photography, you can have your wedding pictures printed wherever and whenever you want. No going back to your photographer a few years after your wedding to get permission to print your own pictures. DO NOT hire a photographer that doesn’t give you full personal copyrights to your images … it will not only save you a lot of money, but also a tremendous amount of frustration.

Over Inviting Guests

Nearly all wedding professionals will tell you, the number one way to save on your budget is to lower your guest list. Cutting just one table from your reception can save you well over $500. Be mindful when making your guest list. Invite everyone who is important and special to you, but skip on inviting your mom’s second cousin twice removed or friends that you haven’t spoken to since high school.

Timing Late Night Snacks

Having a late night pizza buffet or a Coney Island stand is a great idea. Many couples do this and for good reason. Who doesn’t get the munchies after hitting up an open bar and dancing for hours? A late night snack becomes a budget buster when it’s not timed right. Your guests won’t be hungry for that pizza bar at 10:00 pm if dinner ended at 8:30. Time the food service so that guests can dance up an appetite and get the most out of your thoughtful treat.

Over Registering

Although this may not break your wedding budget, it is wasteful. Only register for items you really want. Before you feel the power of the scanner, prepare yourself. Be thoughtful. Have a plan. Only scan things that you need or that you know you will use. Just because a crystal punch bowl is a traditional wedding gift, doesn’t mean you have to have it or that you’ll even miss it if you don’t.

Not using a travel agent

Have you ever tried to reschedule a flight booked with one of those online discount travel sites? If you have, you know the value that a travel agent offers. If you haven’t, take my advice. A travel agent is one of the best ways to save money on your honeymoon. Not only do travel agents have access to all those discounts sites, they also have buying power with airlines and hotels. You can look for up-grades, freebees, and activity deals.

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