Interview Questions to Ask a DJ

With the exception of WHO you marry, there are very few decisions that can influence the success of your day more than your entertainment choice. Use these questions as a guide to find the perfect DJ for your wedding …

  1. How long have you been in business? Beware! There are many “fly-by-night” DJs that begin working weddings for the lure of fast cash. Many couples have been burned by slick-talking DJs who are inexperienced, or worse, take their deposit never to be seen again! Go with a reputable company with at least 5 years of proven experience; who have a physical office location; and that you can find hundreds of positive on-line reviews.
  2. How many weddings has MY DJ performed at? Make no mistake about it, successfully DJing a wedding is not easy. Great DJs only make it look easy. It takes years of experience to become an exceptional wedding DJ and we strongly recommend making sure your DJ has worked at least 100 weddings!
  3. What is your emergency plan? Sh#& happens to even the most honest & experienced DJ. People get sick, accidents happen and emergencies can occur on your wedding day. Imagine showing up to your wedding reception only to find out the DJ isn’t there! Don’t even consider hiring a DJ company that doesn’t pay DJs to be on-call and ready to work on your wedding day. Your entire wedding reception depends on it.
  4. Can we submit our own music list and will you play it? You may have already noticed, but some DJs have egos and don’t like being told what to play. Run for the door if you sense any hesitancy around this question with a potential DJ. Great wedding DJs understand that they are working FOR YOU and should be eager to play all of your requests.
  5. How involved will the DJ be in coordinating my wedding reception? Great wedding DJs wear “many hats”. They are not only are they responsible for making professional announcements and for providing the soundtrack to the night, but also in keeping the evening’s events on schedule and flowing naturally. This is where experience counts the most. Next to a DJ simply not showing up, this should be your biggest concern. A poorly coordinated wedding reception is frustrating, embarrassing and NO fun.
  6. Are you insured? Do not hire a company that doesn’t have at least $1,000,000 of coverage.
  7. How much do you cost and what does it include? The biggest mistake you can make when choosing a DJ is to base your decision on price alone. All DJs are not created equal and great DJs charge more than others (because they are worth more!) You don’t “save” anything when hiring a budget DJ … you only risk your reception bombing. When comparing prices, take into consideration experience, professionalism, talent, personality, approach, communication skills, back up plans and equipment … these are the things that will guarantee a fun wedding reception … and ultimately that’s what you’re paying for.
  8. Do you accept major credit cards? This signals a professional & reputable company.
  9. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee? Remember, DJs talk a great game … that’s what they do! However, next to reading hundreds of on-line reviews the next best way to make sure your DJ will do everything he says he will is if he offers a money-back guarantee. While nobody can guarantee your guests are going to dance, a great DJ can guarantee that he will be professional at all times, his equipment will work perfectly, the announcements will be done correctly, each of the events will run smoothly, all of your songs are played and ultimately, all of your directions are followed properly. If a DJ won’t back up his promises with a guarantee … keep looking. (NOTE: Mike Staff Productions has always offered a money back guarantee and we’ve built our business by keeping our promises).
  10. Do you want a fun wedding reception that is perfectly executed and worry free? Contact Mike Staff Productions today.

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