Pinterest and Wedding Planning

Pinterest is quickly becoming the social media site of choice for couples planning their wedding. The digital inspiration boards make image and idea storage simple – with the click of the pin. Here are three tips to help you with your Pinterest boards for wedding plans.

  1.  Categorize. Just like in life, it’s important to remain organized on your digital boards too. Instead of one wedding board, consider separating images by topic. Popular wedding boards include Invitations, wedding dresses, veils, shoes, flowers, cake designs, hair styles, nails, makeup, bridal accessories, bridesmaids, groomsmen, centerpieces, favors, showers, photography and videography and so on.
  2. Say It AND Show It. Many of your wedding vendors will be those that work in a creative field; such as wedding florists, up-lighting, photography and videography. A great way to share your creative vision with them is to pin and share the things you love. When you meet with them for a consultation you can share your Pinterest boards so that they see what you love. You may even want to share a board of the things you don’t like, so they know what to avoid. Much like ripping pages out of magazines, you can also store hair, makeup and wedding attire images too. The Pinterest mobile app makes it easy to take the images on the go.
  3. Get feedback. If you are looking for input on the images you pin, consider linking your Pinterest account to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can then choose to share your pins on your other social media sites. You can tag someone in your pin by placing “@” before their user name. Allow others to contribute to your boards, too. This could come in handy as you select bridesmaids dresses. Add your bridesmaids under the “Who can pin” section of the board so they can share their favorites with you.

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