Real Life Wedding Budget Examples

Confused about how to budget for your wedding? Whether your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, you can make sure you have the things that are truly important to you.

The Math

This simple equation can help you create a realistic budget for your wedding:

1) Allocate a percentage of your total budget to each category. If photography is more important to you than stationary, for example, then budget a larger percentage to it. be mindful of those things that have the biggest impact on a successful wedding and FUN reception.

2) Now, multiply those percentages by your entire budget. That will give you the amount that is able to be spent on each section. You can always modify your percentages, but try to stick to the bottom line.


These are the range of budget percentages in each category:






For lower budgets: The percentage of your total budget spent on certain items, such as reception location, may go up to keep the total price per person realistic (remember, a great way to keep your budget in check is to limit your guest list). Other items (such as officiate, limo, DJ, etc.) will go neither up nor down in actual price, but the percentages may change. Finally, some items, such as photography, the percentage may stay the same but your actual dollar amount available will decrease based on overall budget.

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