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Will Your Wedding DJ Suck?

A DJ is a DJ. Let’s be honest, anyone can hit the “play” button. But remarkable wedding DJs are rare. They are uncommon because the have uncommon talent, work-ethic, communication skills and commitment to their craft. Plus, they are uncommonly prepared.

Their performance at your party simply represents the final six hours of many hours of behind-the-scenes preparation.  A professional DJ gets ready for your Big Day by understanding exactly what it is you want.  He taps into your dream by asking specific questions about the many details of your wedding reception. As he learns about your plans, he defines his role in the “Big Picture” and makes certain you understand the scope of his responsibilities, too. When a Bride & Groom and their DJ are on the same page, they can re-write the book on fantastic weddings.

Here are some of the uncommon traits of uncommon DJs …

Great DJs Listen to YOU. In addition to detailed conversations about your wedding plans, agenda and music favorites, a truly awesome DJ will closely listen to your instructions and make sure he understands your every wish.  Great DJs realize that you have spent months planning the perfect night; and you trust him with the incredible responsibility of making it flow for you.  Professional DJs will be well-prepared on your wedding night with your detailed plan and the ability to execute it flawlessly.

Professional DJs Practice Formal Announcements. Professional DJs & Master’s of Ceremonies take the responsibility of your formal announcements seriously; taking great care in pronouncing the names of your Bridal Party and family members correctly.  There’s nothing worse than being at a great party with your intimate friends and closest relatives and hearing your DJ, who is supposed to be part of your inner circle, mispronounce their names.  It immediately brands him as a stranger and an amateur.  A great DJ will practice his announcements and his pronunciation several times a day, everyday leading up to your wedding day, until any names sound just as natural to guests’ ears as when their best friends say them.

Pro DJs Bring All of Your Requested Music. If your DJ is a professional, he knows that there is never, EVER an excuse for not having the Bride’s and Groom’s favorite songs to play at their wedding reception. However, it’s not enough to have the right song; a great DJ also finds the right artist.  Any DJ being paid to spin songs should create custom playlists based on your favorites and his knowledge of songs that make a party buzz.  A professional DJ performs quality control by listening to all custom playlists before your reception.

Considerate DJs Call the Hall. A good DJ is always thinking ahead, and an important part of his checklist includes contacting the hall before the Big Day to inquire when the doors will be open for sound system set-up and take-down.  He also asks where he may unload, which door to use, where he can park, which elevator or set of stairs to take, and what the hall’s rules might be. In short, he respects the hall.

Smart DJs Never Assume. A competent DJ never assumes he understands your wishes until he has a through conversation with you to discover them. Assumptions are the enemy to perfect wedding receptions and great DJs have perfected the fine art of communication so they know exactly what will make you happy.

Conscientious DJs Test Their Gear. Professional DJs arrive at least 1 ½ hours before the event begins to unload his equipment and set-up his sound system, which has been thoroughly tested prior to his arrival.  An awesome DJ takes his time adjusting his sound levels, checking his microphones, and positioning speakers to take advantage of the room’s acoustics.  For outdoor events, the sound is adjusted to the size of the tent and the changing conditions of the weather.  Should any component of his sound system fail, the Pro DJ always has a back-up system set-up ready to play.  Additionally, conscientious DJs neatly secure their power cords to the floor or ground in consideration of others.

Professional DJs are Poised. Common sense tells us that if guests at a party are dressed in their best, then vendors (including DJs) ought to follow suit.  Professional DJs wear freshly-laundered and pressed tuxedos with crisp, clean shirts.  Their personal grooming is impeccable, and they appear well-rested and relaxed.  They arrive in plenty of time to set up equipment, change their clothes, and spin some cocktail music as guests enter the hall. They are relaxed and in-control at all times, due to their diligence and proper preparation.

Caring DJs Create an Onsite Team. One essential duty often overlooked by amateur DJs is synchronizing their efforts with those of the hall staff, wedding photographers and videographers.  An experienced DJ knows that any deviation in the evening’s agenda will directly impact the bride & groom’s wishes.  Logistics and timing are just as important to photographers and food service staff as they are to DJs.  By forming a team with these vendors, the DJ leaves less to chance and brings much more value to you than simply his ability to pack a dance floor.

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