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Wedding Reception Tips from DJs

Previously we shared wedding day advice and perspective from our professional photographers. Today we are excited to share some tips for a great wedding reception from our DJs (with a combined 419 years of wedding experience – OMG!) Nobody knows more about fun weddings than these guys. Here is what they shared from their unique perspective as professional wedding DJs …

Cake cutting. Cut your wedding cake immediately after the Grand Entrance. This allows you to keep everyone’s attention for this special moment. It also allows the serving staff to prepare the desert for timely table service. If your cake happens to be displayed on the dance floor, this will allow it’s early removal so dances can begin on schedule.

Toasts. Schedule all toasts before dinner service begins. This will keep the attention on the toasts and not have the distraction of dinner being served or worse – guests food getting cold through the wedding toasts.

Schedule. Your guests want to spend the day with you. Have as short of a break as possible between your ceremony and reception. Make sure your guests, especially those out-of-towners, have something to do between events.

Cocktail Hour. Joining your guests during cocktail hour might allow you extra time to mingle, but it’s easy to get caught in conversation and lose track of your timeline. The same holds true for your bridal party. Consider a separate area to grab drinks for your bridal party prior to your Grand Entrance. Plus, be sure to arrive to your wedding reception venue at least 20 minutes before your Grand Entrance to get ready for your introductions

Double check times. Verify the required departure time with your venue. If they require DJs, photographers and other wedding vendors to leave the facility at a predetermined time, you may need to make adjustments to your wedding reception timeline.

Visit guest tables. You will likely finish eating dinner before your guests (it’s one of the benefits of being the bride and groom.) Use that extra time to visit guests so that you can start the dancing as early as possible.

Reception Traditions? More couples are choosing to forego wedding traditions such as the bridal party dance, bouquet toss and garter removal. If you choose to do them, consider doing them early in the timeline so that the dancing can continue without interruption. You don’t want to stop a party when it is in full swing!

Music. Think of your wedding reception as having three distinct music programs; cocktail, dinner and dance party. Work with your DJ to program your choices for the cocktail and dinner portions, and allow him the flexibility to read the crowd for the dancing.

Good idea. If space allows, position a few high top tables near the dance floor for guests to set their drinks. A broken glass will stop the flow of your party – and possible injure your guests.

This makes sense. Seat younger guests closer to the dance floor. They are less likely to complain about volume levels and this will keep them close to the dance floor.

Dance – Dance – Dance! Most importantly, dance at your wedding! Your guests want to be where you are; have them join you on the dance floor.

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