Why We're Different

Mike Staff Productions goal is to redefine what wedding videography looks like, feels like and costs in Michigan. We have reviewed a lot of wedding videography throughout the years, and here's what we have concluded:

Most videographers are still producing wedding video's exactly the same way as they did in the 1980's.

Albeit, the technology is better and the picture may be a little clearer.....they simply look like the same video's done on better equipment. Newcomers to the industry seem to have simply looked at what others were doing and copied it. Sure, they may say they are "Cinematic" or "Documentary" in style, but the reality is that it's the same old thing. The result is a lot of boring, uncreative, uninspired, common, average, ordinary wedding videography. Not much to get excited about.

Mike Staff Productions, on the other hand, will create a living memory of your wedding day that captures all of the same excitement and emotions that you felt then. Using High Definition (HD) cameras and sophisticated editing technology, we'll weave your story together with music, graphics and multimedia to produce a high quality, exciting, emotionally charged and fun to watch family heirloom that you'll watch again and again.

The only way to truly understand our unique style and the incredible value we offer is to review our work. Please contact us for a personal consultation at which time we can answer all of your questions and show you numerous examples of what an exciting, fun to watch and emotionally charged wedding video looks like. (Tissue provided!)

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