6 Important Wedding Reception Time Savers

6 Important Wedding Reception Time Savers

You may be wondering how you are going to find time to fit everything in at your wedding reception. When you follow these six suggestions, it will be easy, stress-free and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding day. The secret isn’t finding more time; it’s spending more time doing fun things: eating, drinking, laughing and dancing.

  1. Limit the number of staged group photos. Too many group pictures of the bridal party and families taken before, during and/or after dinner can seriously disrupt the timing of events. Remember,¬†you’re the boss. Feel free to say NO to your photographer, if you’re running behind schedule and the situation demands it. Better yet, communicate your wishes to him BEFORE your wedding day. Like your DJ, your photographer needs your “must have” list, your “wish list” and your “do not” photograph list well in advance of the date.
  2. Limit your receiving line. If you must have a receiving line, include only the bride & groom and their parents as greeters. It isn’t necessary for guests to greet your bridesmaids and groomsmen; it will slow the line and annoy your guests.
  3. Keep moving when greeting guests table to table. This is a fantastic way to greet your guests, but don’t linger too long at each table. Offer only brief exchanges & thank you’s, and keep moving around the room.
  4. Get your bridal party on the “same page,” (parents, too). Prior to your wedding day, give members of the bridal party and your parents a timetable of reception events that clearly explains where they need to be and when. This will save you tons of aggravation with AWOL friends and relatives and they will appreciate knowing ahead of time what is expected of them.
  5. Consider a buffet. Buffets are always faster than plated meals. A double sided buffet with two service lines represents the fastest food option for weddings.
  6. Eliminate the dollar dance. If 100 of your guests decide to pay the bride a dollar to dance with her, and she spends only 15 seconds with each of them, she will need 25 minutes to dance with all of them, not including the time required to change dance partners! Give her and everyone else a break; forget the dollar dance.

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