Wedding Reception Coordination

Wedding Reception Coordination

This is it … your big day is here. All of the planning has been done. So who will be there to help those plans get executed flawlessly and to help your wedding day become everything you hoped it would be and more?

Mike Staff Productions, that’s who. See, there’s more to a Mike Staff Productions Certified DJ than meets the eye … or ear. Sure, he’ll show up with great music – and plenty of it – but he’ll also show up with a plan … and the skills, professionalism and commitment to help coordinate the wedding of your dreams.

Many DJs feel as if they are hired to play music and that wedding planning and coordination are something they are “burdened” with. Not at Mike Staff Productions. We understand how important this is so we give you the time and attention you deserve.

As Event Directors, we will assume a leadership role at your wedding, and we have the experience to ensure that no detail will be overlooked. The bride, the groom, the bridal party, parents & family can relax knowing that things are being done exactly as they envisioned.

It’s not your job to track down the bridal party for their dances or to make sure that the photographer is ready to shoot the toasts … That’s our job and we do it well because of our experience.

There are so many details that cannot be overlooked at your wedding reception … so many opportunities for something to go wrong – an amateur DJ or hobbyist doesn’t stand a chance. The list of things that could go wrong is endless, but the result is the same – the bride and groom are confused, anxious or stressed during their own wedding reception. This should never happen … and at Mike Staff Productions, we make sure it never will.

Contact us to start planning your wedding reception.

Who will we coordinate?


  • The Bride & Groom: so you know what, when and how events will happen (Based on the wishes you have expressed during the planning process).
  • The Bridal Party: so they know how, when and where they are needed.
  • The Photographer & Videographer: so he/she is prepared before events happen so no important shots are missed.
  • The Hall Management: so the timetable of dinner being served and so forth is right on schedule.
  • Anyone speaking or giving toasts: so they know when they will speak, where to stand, how to correctly talk into the mic, what to do when they’re finished, etc. (They’ll probably be a little nervous.)
  • Basically, we’re there to make everyone else look good. To make sure that your reception meets and exceeds your every expectation and that you can get hitched … without a hitch.

What will we coordinate?

  • Everything: From your grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. to your last song. If it’s happening on your wedding day, it’s on our mind. Relax, have fun and leave it all to us.

How will we coordinate?

We do it all with a level of professionalism and class that only a Mike Staff Productions Certified DJ can provide:

  • With experience and grace- no stressed-out rookies here.
  • With a lack of ego – this is your big day, not ours. Our DJs know that.
  • By taking a leadership role in the coordination of all your reception events.
  • By overlooking no detail.
  • By understanding YOUR wishes.
  • Through a commitment to making those wishes come true.
  • No detail will go unnoticed … events will run smoothly and on-time all night … and you will have the time of your life. So, if you’re looking for Michigan’s finest full service wedding DJs you can rest assured: Mike Staff Productions takes the cake.
Mike Staff Relaxing

Mike Staff is the founder and CEO of Mike Staff Productions, one of the most highly acclaimed wedding services companies in the country, providing award-winning Wedding DJs, Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videography for over 20 years. Mike serves as a Nationwide Ambassador for The, advising the wedding industry on best practices and insight into the challenges and opportunities.

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