Your pinterest boards are packed; your wedding vision all laid out in little 2×3 squares. That perfect white dress with just a little touch of sparkle, that color palate of the vibrant purples and soft greens, that hair style with just the right amount of face framing curls.

Your wedding day is going to be perfect, just the way you planned.

But what if something is missing?  What regrets would you have if you knew later what you don’t know now? To help you avoid any wedding day regret for your big day, we asked newlywed brides to share their wisdom.

What was their biggest wedding day regret?  

1) Not Getting a Wedding Video

Why you need a wedding video

One of the most common wedding day regrets that married couples cite was not hiring a wedding videographer. In fact, The Huffington Post cites that 98% of brides without a wedding video have this regret.

Trust those that have been there, done that. There is something special about watching yourself walk down the aisle and hearing the music that was played, reliving the words spoken during your vows, listening to the pastor finally announce you as  husband and wife…and that is just the beginning of the day.

If you have wiggle room in your budget (or if you could live without the coney dog station), a wedding video is a must.

            —Free Download: Why I Regret Not Getting Wedding Videography—

“I wish I would have had a videographer for our wedding. So many people said it would be a waste of money and that we would probably never watch it,but I was so nervous I do not remember my ceremony at all!! I wish I could watch it as it was the most important part.”

–Lisa, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

2) Not Asking My Photographer Enough Questions Before Signing a Contract

wedding photographer taking shots of couple

Did you know that some wedding photographers charge thousands of dollars for wedding photography and then AFTER the wedding, charge you again for the rights to the photos that they took?  Whaaaatt!? Yes, it is true, as are hundreds of other little things like this that most people would never think about. Brides, read your contract before signing anything and know the right questions to ask.

Other things to look out for: hiring a wedding photographer that is not insured, hiring a photographer that will not guarantee (in writing) a set date for proofs, edited images and albums, and hiring a photographer that has a cap set for the number of photos that will be taken.

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3) Not Spending Enough Time With Guests

spending time with your wedding guests

Aside from not getting a wedding video, this is one of the most popular regrets. Your wedding day will go by fast.  And if you are like most, you will be so busy with the day that you don’t get a chance to say hi and thank everyone that came to celebrate with you. Most likely, your guests will be more than understanding but you and your fiance on the other hand, may feel bad.

A simple solution to nip this regret in the bud is to visit each table for a few minutes while dinner is being served, or if you do a first look, you can spend extra time with guests at cocktail hour.

Brides Magazine offers some great tips for modernizing the traditional “receiving line” that you can check out here.

“ I wish we would have had a first look so that we had that extra time to greet our guests. We had such a big wedding that we didn’t get to talk to a lot of people and felt terrible after. ”- Monica, Park Ridge, IL

4) Not Reading Vendor Reviews Before Hiring

wedding vendors

Do online reviews really matter when selecting a wedding vendor?

Let’s skip right to the punch line here and aggressively shake our heads yes.

Learn from the experience (and mistakes) of others by doing your research.  Ask your friends, check out reviews on the Knot and Weddingwire, ask your venue, check out the vendor’s social media profiles.

Do they have a lot of reviews? (*Tip: A vendor with 564 reviews and a 4.8 star rating is probably more reputable than a vendor with only 10 reviews but a 5 star rating.)

Do they have a lot of followers on social media? What are the words that people use to describe this company?

Follow your gut with this one.

5) Hiring a “Budget” Wedding DJ

packed wedding dance floor

In your research for wedding DJs you have probably come across a variety of Wedding DJ prices that range from $500 to $3,500.

What’s with the price gap?

Well simply put, the price largely depends on what kind of DJ that you are hiring.  There is a BIG difference between a party DJ, a Club DJ and a professional Wedding DJ, and the prices will reflect that.

When hiring a DJ, it is important to understand what you are getting, and even more importantly, what you are not getting (cheesy, knock-off music anyone?)

Besides keeping the dance floor packed, your Wedding DJ needs to be the wedding coordinator and organizer, Master of Ceremonies (MC), sound engineer,maitre’d, counselor and even personal assistant.

Trust me (and those that have had this regret!), you do not want to hire a budget DJ, club DJ or family friend that does not have a tremendous amount of wedding experience (and I am talking years and years of experience). You just don’t. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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Now that you have an insiders view on what to do and what not to do, get back to planning! Mike Staff Productions’ is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions so feel free to give us a call (877.689.077) or drop us a line at

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