Mike Staff Productions Helps HAVEN Grow

Mike Staff Productions Helps HAVEN Grow

At Mike Staff Productions — we have a will, a desire and a heart to serve.

But not only to serve our brides and grooms with quality DJ, Photography and Videography services on one of the biggest days of their lives, but to serve our community that we live, work and play in.

We have a history of what we like to call ‘sharing the love’. Mike Staff Productions has committed a minimum of 10% of our profits to making the world a better place, but we don’t just stop at donations, we like to get involved and get our hands dirty and that’s exactly what Mike Staff Productions will do with HAVEN.

This June, employee’s from Mike Staff Productions are getting out the gardening gloves to plant, weed, and harvest fruits and vegetables for HAVEN’s shelter and the victims who turn to it for safety.

Unfamiliar with HAVEN?

This nonprofit is Oakland County’s only comprehensive program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. HAVEN provides shelter, counseling, advocacy and educational programming to nearly 20,000 people each year.

They rely on the generosity of others to help provide those services and Mike Staff Productions wanted to be a part of that.

One on One with HAVEN

helping havenWhen our employees volunteer, we’ll be working with Coordinator Sierra Sharpe — she explains how the benefits of donating time have results far beyond the project at hand.

Mike Staff Productions: Why was it important for anyone, let alone a business, to get involved with a group like HAVEN?

Sierra Sharpe: It is critical for volunteers, including those from businesses to give their time at HAVEN for a couple of reasons. The first is that HAVEN fundamentally relies on the support of volunteers to do the work we do. We run on minimal staff to allow for maximum funds to be used for direct programming. Volunteers help bridge the gaps, and allow us to pursue projects we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

The second is that businesses getting involved at HAVEN spreads awareness for our agency and the work we do, and demonstrates community support for our agency and the issues we deal with.

Community support surrounding these issues serves to reduce the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence in our communities and increase accountability for perpetrators.

MSP: Gardening seems like a simple task, but how can it leave a lasting impact at HAVEN and those who rely on your services?

Sharpe: HAVEN’s organic garden is an important piece of our dedication to providing holistic services. At HAVEN, we focus not only on the trauma that our clients have experienced, but on working to improve every piece of their lives. We know how important nutrition is, so being able to provide healthy food to our clients is critical.

Our clients are also able to work in the garden if they want, which helps them learn about growing their own food and provides a cathartic experience. Volunteers working to maintain and improve the garden helps ensure clients are able to take full advantage of the food the garden yields and of the experience of working in the garden themselves.

MSP: How does volunteering with HAVEN help bring together employees in a new way?

Sharpe: Volunteering at HAVEN is a unique way for employees to come together around a shared cause, outside of work. Learning new skills together encourages team-building and teamwork and allows for building positive memories amongst the team. Volunteering through work is proven to improve employee engagement and organizational commitment, as well. Strong employee morale benefits the entire team and the business itself.

How You Can Help HAVEN

Whether it’s once, five times or on a regular basis — here are ways you can help this organization.

Host a Gift Drive                                                

Host a Fundraising Event

Attend a Fundraising Event

Volunteer Groups

Spread Awareness

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