Don’t Forget the Groom: 4 Menswear Trends for 2017

Don’t Forget the Groom: 4 Menswear Trends for 2017

It’s not all about the wedding dress…

The groom has to look spiffy, too!

So, let’s talk menswear wedding trends for 2017.

Since a classic tuxedo will never go out of style, we reached out to our friends Dan Wesner from Wesner Tuxedo in Sterling Heights and Jeff Nelson from The Tux Shop on Woodward in Birmingham for some expert advice and to break down wedding fashion trends for the dudes!

All About Accessories!

Expert: Dan Wesner

Socks, bow ties, pocket squares — you name it — men these days know how to accessorize and are taking full advantage of the options! One accessory they are starting to stray from are vests. If they wear a vest, it’s monochromatic. Gone are the days of colored vests that match the bridesmaids dresses.

95% of our customers want bow ties. End of story.

Colored or patterned socks are becoming an edgy thing. It’s a big thing for grooms to purchase their groomsman. The guys are using socks for that pop of color to match wedding party or a way to personalize their fashion. What makes it cool is the subtleness of them. You don’t notice the color or pattern until they start walking and the color starts to pop.

That brings us to suspenders. Colored sock customer are suspenders customers. They are coming in strong. Colored suspenders were big from prom 2017 and will be hot, hot, hot for weddings this fall. The younger generation is always looking for ways to stand out. They want edgey and new.

Expert: Jeff Nelson

Guys are accessorizing creatively with color, pattern socks and color matching / print variety pocket squares to bow ties. Suspenders, fitted shirts have been popular the last several years and looks to stay intact for quite a while. Grooms like to purchase personalized cufflinks as gifts along with socks and ties. Items the guys can always make good use out of even after the wedding is over.

Back to bow ties — literally the last 10 years — bow ties have been more of the request over long ties.  However the hottest look is bow ties with suspenders.  It creates a simpler, clean, classic look of bow tie, studs down front of shirt and suspenders. When grooms do select a classic tie, prints are becoming a choice with the new polka dot trend.  Otherwise tapestry and paisley has been around as nice print option for weddings.

Say Goodbye to Basic Black

Expert: Dan Wesner

It’s all about color these days. The two hottest colors that have hit the market — shades of grey.  60% of of customers are still going for classic black, but that means 40% are looking for something different. Black is still #1 but not as prominent. We now carry tuxedos in a variety of colors: light grey, dark grey, and navy blue. We even just added burgundy with a black lapel trim. Options are big.

Expert: Jeff Nelson

Standard colors other than the blues, greys, tans now also include burgundy and it’s not just for fall! We are seeing more requests for burgundy and black tone jackets throughout the year. It’s a color combo that first hit the scene in 2016 and starting taking off more this year.  But overall, black tuxedos are still the top request along with navy and grey tones. The ‘classic’ tuxedo color tones allow for more options when it comes to the tie and pocket square for that specific elegant look with desired pop of color. Colors can depend on the season . For example, tan is mainly looked at for spring, especially fall but we do navy and greys year round.

Tux vs. Suit

Expert: Dan Wesner

Hands down: 75% of business is still the customer renting or buying a tuxedo; they are classic, clean, crisp — never age. With that being said, menswear for weddings is in the middle of big change. Casual wear, like suits, is definitely on trend and becoming more of an option for grooms, especially for the destination wedding or weddings in the summer months.

Expert: Jeff Nelson

There are more wedding options in tuxedos, suits and casual-wear than ever before! Traditional black, slim fit tuxedos are still #1 based on formal, elegant affairs.  However, we have seen big numbers in navy blue tuxedos, grey tuxedos, and now tan tuxedos have again entered the equation for the first time in years. Seasonally, some weddings go with the ‘no jacket look’ and opt for a vest and tie (bow or long) but we feel this is a outdoor casual wedding current trend – not long lasting.  

suit vs tuxedo

Jackets, Fit, Style… Oh My!

Expert: Dan Wesner

Jackets with tails, double breasted jackets — GONE. Not even available. Hard to find a find double breasted suit that’s been manufactured in the last 8 years.

Biggest change is menswear the fit. The top seller in the last 24 months, slim fit tuxedos with flat front pants.That’s it! Watch The Emmy Awards or The Oscars and all the guys have that fitted look going on. I have 300 pairs of pleated pants I couldn’t give away!

Expert: Jeff Nelson

Jacket trends have been very focused in recent years. Everything fitted, slim fit, and even ultra slim fit depending on shape and preference of the individual. Moreover, wedding designers are looking closely at specific style lapels and with how many buttons. One button peak lapel, one button shawl lapel and traditional notch lapel two buttons have been most popular. The groom will know what is best for him based on cut of jacket, style preference, and mainly colors once he begins trying on varieties of styles. Double breasted jackets are beginning to show up again for the first time in 15-20 years, however with the style of single breasted flexibility leaving jacket open, suspenders or vest look – I feel double breasted will not impact the slim fit, single breasted jacket popularity.  

Shopping Advice:

Dan Wesner:

Never go to just one tux shop. Go to at least three shops. Learn about the product, the pricing and become an expert. Ask questions. Start looking 6-8 months before the wedding. Make your final decision 4 months prior to wedding. Never too late for a tux for a wedding.

Mike Staff Productions has you covered! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at

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