Wedding Cake Experts Talk 2017 Trends

Wedding Cake Experts Talk 2017 Trends

Metalic. Fun-Fetti. Naked = All ways to describe wedding cakes these days!

2017 brought new trends to bakeries. Couples are moving away from traditional tiered cakes, and opting for more high-end, art-like designs for their wedding cake – don’t even get me started on flavors, nothing is off limits!

Mike Staff Productions tapped some of the best cake aficionados we know in metro Detroit — Lana Witherspoon of ‘Lana’s Dough Delights’ in Howell, Debbie Meyers of Sweet and Savory Bake Shop in Oxford and Nisha Fernando of Sweet Delights Cakery in West Bloomfield — to find out what couples are requesting for their cake order.

Fancy Frosting & Naked Cakes (It’s a thing!)

Expert: Lana Witherspoon

Metallics, geodes and naked cakes are HUGE!  Metallics are everywhere on cakes and range between subtle to over the top.  Geode cakes are definitely on trend and are so unique in their design.  Each Geode cake is its own work of art.  Naked cakes are also still popular for the rustic bride or those that want a large cake but are on a tight budget.  While naked cakes have been pretty simple in design, brides are choosing to have fun with them, opting for different colored buttercreams and going wild with fresh flowers and adding gold and silver leaf.

Expert: Debbie Meyers

The current trend, I would say, would be the “almost” naked cake, where the cake gets a crumb coat to seal in the moistness of the cake, yet shows some dark edges. These cakes get their real visual beauty from the florals and fruit that are added for a “pop” of color. This cake actually started to be shown in publications around 2015 but has really picked up momentum this season.

The other lingering trend would be the rough finish, which can be a multiple tiered cake with random swishes of buttercream or each tier might have a different rough design going vertical, then horizontal, then random. What they all have in common is that they have texture of some kind as opposed to a clean, smooth finish.

Expert: Nisha Fernando

Metallic wedding cakes are very in right now and couples love to incorporate sequins, glitter and even edible gold or silver leafs onto their cake — basically anything that sparkles! Something we’re seeing a lot of, brides are looking to incorporate details of their bridal gown on to their wedding cake — so, sugar ruffles and lace work has been very popular. Another popular trend, geode cakes! Couples are using the geode look to incorporate their wedding colors into the design.

Adding Personal Flair  

Expert: Lana Witherspoon

By incorporating a little bit of the couples personality in the design. I have made owl fondant toppers for a couple who loved owls.  Also, I’m currently designing an elegant 5 tier cake that has a bit of whimsy by adding a fondant bride and groom skiing down the cake.  The design will be completed with winding ski lift and other skiing elements wrapping around the cake.

Expert: Debbie Meyers

In years past, everyone had plastic pillars dividing the cake tiers and perhaps a fountain or staircases coming down from the top with little plastic people representing the wedding party. Everyone did the same thing. Big heavy borders of stiff white icing and draping on the sides… the only thing different from yours to your friends was the color of icing roses you chose!

Then came the big shift to fondant covered cakes, super smooth rolled sugar dough covering the tiers, adding structure and support to sugar flowers, fresh flowers and fondant appliqués. The possibilities here are only limited to the imagination. You could have a cake that resembles your car, your shoes or your apartment building with the bridal couple waving from the veranda!

Expert: Nisha Fernando

Couples want us to create unique wedding cakes by incorporating elements of their wedding theme into the design; wedding colors, invitation detail, wedding dress detail, flowers from their bridal bouquet and monograms. Some couples are even bringing in elements from their heritage to their wedding cake design so it truly reflects who they are as a couple.

Cake Size Matters

Expert: Lana Witherspoon

Cakes are getting bigger and design is important.  A few years ago a 2-3 tiered cake with cupcakes was all the rage but no longer.  These days, majority of brides are choosing 4-6 tiered cakes, with some opting for even grander cakes.  Cakes are the focal point of the celebration where brides can tie in their colors, flowers, invitation, dress and show off their personal style.  

Expert: Nisha Fernando

You can’t go wrong with a 3-5 tiered cake, that’s a standard most couples are ordering but there are others who go for the modern approach and request double barrel, petal shaped and hexagon tiers which certainly makes the cake standout. Cupcake towers are not as popular as they once were, that was a ‘fad’ for a little bit — traditional wedding cakes are making a comeback.

Fresh, Local Ingredients

Expert: Lana Witherspoon

Freshness and quality of ingredients are definitely becoming a conversation topic during consultations.  If you say it’s vanilla, they better see little specks of vanilla bean! Using high quality, natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients has always been important to me as baker because I want your cake to taste delicious! The proof is in the taste and clients are noticing and becoming much more discerning.

wedding cake trends 2017

wedding cake trends

Edible Toppers

Expert: Lana Witherspoon

Edible toppers are something I can get on board with.  However, we need to use the term ‘edible’ a bit loosely.  Edible toppers are often made of fondant, gum paste or pastillage, and while edible, they often contain metal wires or skewers for support so I don’t recommend they be eaten. A cake designer can create a topper that enhances the design of the cake.  I design and create many edible toppers for cakes in different forms that include figurines, monograms, or sugar flowers.  Edible toppers always look amazing and purposeful!

wedding cake trends

Bonus Tips:

Nisha: Your consultation/tasting is the first, most important step towards having that dream wedding cake.  Some cake designers offer free group tastings while others offer private consultations/tastings. Personally, having that private time is key — it allows you to talk to the designer one-on-one. Also, professional cake designers get booked quickly, so it’s very important that you reserve the date with the cake designer at least six to nine months in advance.

Debbie: Today, the trendiest bride can choose whatever she wants. She can go retro, sophisticated, whimsical, casual or elegant. She can have buttercream, fondant or no icing at all. What we encourage, more than anything, is that it looks and tastes amazing, that the flavors compliment your meal and that the design truly represents the couples style. We have an extensive library of wedding cake books and current wedding publications available to our designers and our clients, however what really matters to us at a consultation, is what flavors and what design esthetic is pertinent to each couple.

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