We Are Pleased to Invite You… To Get a Tax Break on Your Wedding!

We Are Pleased to Invite You… To Get a Tax Break on Your Wedding!

FACT: Average cost of a wedding, roughly $30,000 (Gulp!)

FACT: With a bit of planning, you can deduct some wedding expenses (No way! Yes, way!)

What we try to do at Mike Staff Productions (besides provide awesome DJ, Photography & Videography services) is offer up reliable wedding advice you can put to good use — let me tell you — this is one of those blogs. Experts at Turbotax and H&R Block explain that it’s possible to earn some money back after your wedding and also give back to charitable organizations you care about at the same time!


What bride likes the idea of throwing away their beautiful wedding flowers when the day is over? Easy answer. Get in touch with a local hospital or retirement home to see if you can drop off your centerpieces the next day. You’ll help brighten up their space, and you’ll be able to write off the value of what you’ve shared.

FUN FACT: Shameless star, Emmy Rossum recently recycled her wedding flowers to patients at Mount Sinai Hospital.

wedding tax break

Leftover Food

When it comes to food at your wedding reception, better to have too much than not enough! Think local soup kitchens, homeless shelters, women’s center or non-profit organizations — some charitable groups will accept prepared food and may even offer to come pick it up for you. You could also connect with a food pantry in your area to see if they accept donations of caterer-prepared food that’s left at the end of the night. With a receipt, you’ll be able to take a deduction for the value of the items donated.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to talk with reps from your venue, catering company and the charitable organization you plan on donating the food to in advance to work out the details.

wedding tax break

Venue & Church

Having your reception or ceremony at a historical garden, museum or even a state or national park? Typically there’s a fee you pay and that may be deductible as a donation. Tying the knot at a church? Many couples choose to make a donation to their church on top of any fees charged for the ceremony. If this is the case, you can deduct the donation you make as an itemized charitable deduction. Check with the sites for more details.

wedding tax break church


If you didn’t rent your wedding decor; table linens, candle holders etc. This is where a resale stores like the Salvation Army or Goodwill comes in. Drop off the items you’d like to donate, and make sure to get a receipt for what you give!

wedding tax break decorations

The Dress

If you’re willing to part with your wedding dress, it could get you a tax write off. It just takes a quick Google search to find organizations that are willing to accept gowns for brides who can’t afford one of their own.

Chicago Non-Profit: Allison’s Angel Gowns 

Michigan Non-Profit: The Brides Project 

TIP: The same goes for flower girl, bridesmaid dresses (Hope Closet) and mens suits/tuxedos, which could also be donated to an organization that helps prepare men for job interviews.

wedding tax break dress

Wedding Favors

Forget mints or leaving the bags of almonds on the table, instead make a donation to a charity on behalf of everyone in your wedding and your guests. You’ll be helping others while earning yourself a tax deduction.

TIP: Create a list of charities you’d like to donate to and allow your guests to choose which one they’d like to support.

wedding tax break favors

When it comes to helping our community — that’s something in our company’s DNA!

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