Wedding Video of the Week: Kelsey & Nathan

Wedding Video of the Week: Kelsey & Nathan

This wedding video will make you smile from ear to ear, shed a (happy) tear and 100% make you want to get married on a beach on a Michigan summer day! (Perfect time for fall to finally arrive, right?)

With waves crashing behind them and a freighter passing across the deep, blue waters, Kelsey and Nathan’s wedding was simply beautiful. They were married August 19, 2017 at a private residence on the water followed by their reception at the Port Huron Golf Club.

Prior to the ceremony the Mike Staff Productions Videography team captured the cheers and squeals of Kelsey’s bridesmaids when they saw her in her sleek, lace gown for the first time. As for Nathan, he showed his love for the ‘green and white’ by donning a few key Michigan State Spartan accessories for the big day.

Here’s where those tears come in, the couples first look! Grab a kleenex now — the exchange between Kelsey and Nathan when they see each other for the first time is a moment every couple dreams of. A moment their wedding video will allow to live on forever.

Words from their officiant pulled at your heartstrings…

“Now you will feel no rain, as each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you shall feel no cold, for each of you shall be warmth to the other. Now there’s no more loneliness, for each of you will be a companion to the other.”

While the couple and their bridal party took full advantage of the beach setting for more stunning video moments, the party couldn’t officially start until their dog, complete with a bow-tie, joined in on the fun!

Mike Staff Productions was honored to also provide DJ services for the couple and their guests and what a party it was fun! Congratulations to the happy couple.

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