The Real Chicago Wedding of Sabrina & Adam

The Real Chicago Wedding of Sabrina & Adam

This weeks ‘Real Wedding’ feature takes us to Chicagoland!  You’re about to meet and hear directly from Sabrina and Adam, a lovely couple who turned to our Mike Staff Productions office in Park Ridge, Illinois to plan their wedding. Wait until your read how their love story began. It is literally a scene out of a movie! When we contacted Sabrina to be our guest blogger, she not only responded right away but responded while she was on her honeymoon in Ireland! #GOALS

Even while romancing away in Ireland (with not so great WIFI), Sabrina didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to share her wedding day experiences with you!  From all of her vendors, to the song that packed the dance floor, to a NEAR wedding day regret — Sabrina is opening up about wedding planning & working with Mike Staff Productions! Without further ado, here is the ‘The Real Chicago Wedding of Sabrina & Adam.’

“We actually used Mike Staff Productions because Adam’s cousins used their services for her wedding. I loved how her photos came out and the price points were in our budget. I also loved how all three services – photography, videography and DJ – could be bundled together. It just saves time, energy and trouble of having to search through multiple vendors.”

Sabrina and adam

“Everyone we worked with was fantastic! We worked with Director & Wedding DJ, Tim right from the start. He was open, funny and just overall easy to work with. We originally booked a different DJ for our wedding but due to an unforeseen circumstance that came up very last minute, he wasn’t able to attend. But Mike Staff Productions has an incredible backup plan in place and it just so happened that Tim stepped in! So, to have Tim be there for our big day after working with him the whole year was just awesome! He knew how to get our guests on the dance floor and keep them there all night. He played everything we wanted to hear and was awesome with MC’ing throughout the night.

Like what you hear already?

As for our photography and videography teams, (who I talk more about below) worked together so well. They knew exactly what to do and when. The images and video they captured were amazing and showcased the day beautifully. They were so friendly, so easy going, so creative, which made the whole experience of taking photos all the better. I absolutely loved our lead photographer, Chelsea and would not only recommend her and the others from Mike Staff Productions, but encourage others to ask for them all by name.”

Our Real Chicago Wedding: September 02, 2017

Sabrina & Adam’s Love Story.

“Adam and I met in 2006. He was working at a local restaurant and I would go in there frequently because I found him cute! This went on for a little over a year before my sister passed him my phone number. Adam called a couple of days later and a month after that, we had our first date!  The whole thing felt a bit surreal for the first few months; you never expect to start dating someone whom you “admired from a far” for a bit.

Our relationship had a few hurdles; mainly Adam being away at school for the first 4 years. It’s not easy to begin a relationship that starts with distance, but we made it work.  Adam proposed 4th of July weekend 2016 with a little help from a customized Sprinkles Cupcake box! I was told the cupcakes were for his sisters kids’ and to go have a look because they were super cute. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see “Marry Me” spelled out; I don’t think I responded to his proposal for a solid 5 minutes. I wasn’t expecting it.”

cupcake proposal

Our Wedding Photos: Why We Choose Two Photographers

“Our photographers were fantastic! We had Chelsea and Donna and they worked beautifully together and with us. When I looked through our online gallery, I was blown away by the photos and the pure look of excitement and happiness on everyone’s face.  They were also extremely creative. They thought of poses that I didn’t and we’re able to capture stunning photographs that were candid, in the moment and traditional, as well. And, thanks to some team work, we were able to get an absolutely beautiful photo of my veil “blowing” in the wind. It was perfect!”

dramatic veil in the breeze

“Donna and Chelsea’s ability to hold everyone’s attention, get everyone smiling and having fun, and their team work made for perfect picture taking.  Adam is a bit camera shy, but Chelsea had him smiling and laughing all day.”

smiling groom

“Taking photos with the bridal party went really well, too, especially since there were 22 of us! They had everyone focused, where they needed to be, and most importantly, they had everyone striking fun poses and enjoying the picture taking. It was also great have two photographers because one could focus on me and my girls and the other could do what needed to be done with Adam and his fellas.They captured everything I had hope they would and more.”

bride and bridesmaids groom and groomsmenwedding romantics

BONUS: Sabrina & Adam also had their engagement photos taken with Mike Staff Productions.

“We actually worked with Chelsea for our engagement session and she and I corresponded frequently throughout the course of the year leading up to the big day.”

engagement session under a bridge Sabrina and Adam engagement artistic engagement

 Why I Wanted a Wedding Album.

“I love having something that is tangible; that I can hold in my hand, pass along to someone else and let them hold onto it and feel it in their own hands. It’s classic. A wedding album, in my opinion, is a classic and everyone should try to get a hard copy with some of their favorite photos. I want to be able to sit down next to people and flip through the pages, pointing, laughing, smiling, crying, etc.”

PRO TIP: Read more about Wedding Album Trends HERE

wedding album page

wedding album page   wedding album family

We almost didn’t get a video but we are SO glad we did…

“My mom was actually a huge pusher when it came to getting a professional wedding video. I originally didn’t want one. But, looking back I am SO HAPPY we had a videographer. It’s true what they say: your wedding day goes by so fast. Looking back, it’s all a blur and having the video allows me to go back and relive those moments that are hazy because of everything that was happening. For example, our vows. It’s such a surreal moment standing up there, saying your “I do’s” in front of so many people. I hardly remember it. But watching the video let’s me go back and watch that special moment over and over again and I get to see the looks on both our faces.”

Our Wedding Vision.

“Growing up, I knew I wanted to have a more traditional wedding in the sense of me getting ready at my parents house, walking down the aisle of a church, having the first look be right as I’m coming in with my dad vs prior to the ceremony, and of course, the big reception afterwards.”

church ceremony

“As far as the aesthetic and visual aspect of my vision, I love dim candle light and warm tones, such as gold and blush; it’s all so romantic and mood setting. To achieve that vision, we went with medium to low height candle collections and blush and ivory floral arrangements. We had gold accents that helped warm the room up and create the perfect atmosphere. We also incorporated pin lighting and some uplighting behind the head tables and on the tables where we had our tall, gold trumpet vases.  I also wanted a wow factor, something that could be a major focal point and, and we achieved that with 3 gold-frames behind the head table that were adorned with silk flowers.”

cutting the cake

“When selecting a venue, I not only wanted a ballroom, but needed one that could hold 300 people. After walking into The Estate, I knew we found our spot. The beautiful foyer had floor to ceiling windows, a grand staircase and was the perfect spot for a cocktail hour. The ballroom itself has grand chandeliers, a modernized dance floor assembled with black panels and was the exact size we needed.”

Our First Dance.

“We played “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye for our first dance. It makes me laugh so hard thinking back on it. We wanted something fun that would set the mood for the night: romantic, intimate and a good time; we did our first dance right after the grand march and cake cutting. We knew those close to us would get the humor and fun in it. We laughed and smiled the whole time we were dancing and of course the crowded whooped and cheered.  It’s a little more sexy than most first dances. Being introduced and Mr. and Mrs. and laughing and having fun while dancing to a not so traditional song is something I won’t forget.”

first dance

Our Memorable Moments.

“For starters, having time with my dad before walking down the aisle at church. Having those few moments to talk with him and cry happy tears together is something I will never forget. I could tell just how proud he was. It makes me tear up just thinking about it!”

DJ Tim had everyone on the dance floor when he played “My Girl”! He played it right after the dances with our parents. Everyone was on their feet and that floor was packed with bodies from that moment on. It was such a great moment watching everyone rush the floor, dance and sing along. It set the tone for a night full of dancing! Tim also played “All I Want for Christmas” as a special request and that room was so loud from everyone singing. That was an awesome moment, as well.

Thank you, Sabrina & Adam! It was an honor to work with you!

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