1 on 1 with Covenant House Teens

1 on 1 with Covenant House Teens

The spare change you find buried in your couch cushions, the dollar crammed in your coat pocket or the $10 bill you have in your wallet — when it comes to raising money to help homeless youth get off the streets — every penny counts.

Robert from covenant house

“I would go two sometimes three days without eating and when I did eat, it was because I was able to scrape some change together for a sandwich. It was hard. I truly felt like nobody loved me.” – Robert, Covenant House 

The organization dedicated to this cause: Covenant House Michigan, an organization Mike Staff Productions truly believes in. The last 4 years our company participates in The Covenant Houses’ annual Executive Sleep Out. We not only raise awareness by sleeping in a cardboard box for a night, but our goal is to help raise money to help provide food, shelter and education for these teens who are plucked off the streets and given a second chance at life. Our donation goal: $5,000. That’s where that couch cushion change comes in, we hope you’ll help.

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Rocky ShattuckRocky Shattuck from Mike Staff Productions has accepted the challenge to Sleep Out with Covenant House. It will be uncomfortable. It will be dark. But for one night he will give up the comforts of home knowing that – by doing so – we can bring warmth and hope to young people who need it most.
Thousands of kids spend each night on the unforgiving streets of our great cities.  Countless others are staying with relatives or friends, dreading the day when there is no one else to take them in. And one night can make a difference.

Every single dollar raised for this event will go directly to keeping the lights on and the doors open for all of the kids who need help.

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Recently, members of the Mike Staff Production team went to the Covenant House campus and saw, first hand, the resources used that allow these teens to finish school, find jobs and even buy homes of their own! We also had the incredible opportunity to sit down one on one with three teenagers who currently call Covenant House home

Their stories will stop you in you tracks.

No child, no teenager should feel like their only option is to ‘sleep’ under an overpass in Detroit or go two or three days without eating. This is the kind of life these teens lived but now they are rewriting their life thanks to Covenant House. Want to see where your donations go? Allow Keisha, Chelsea & Robert to show you.

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