The Real Chicago Wedding of Kristin & Scott

The Real Chicago Wedding of Kristin & Scott

Kristin and Scott are two pretty incredible people. No, not just because they worked with Mike Staff Productions on their wedding day (hehe) but because they are making a significant difference in the lives of children in Chicago. Kristin is Speech-Language Pathologist and works in a school district with elementary aged children that have autism, disabilities, and other significant needs. While her husband, Scott, is a Physical Education teacher and works at an Alternative High School and it was their was their incredible careers that brought this couple together. Kristin Veil

The love they share for their work and for each other is why we wanted to feature their ‘Real Chicago Wedding’. From fun on the golf course to a fireworks filled first dance — their wedding was stunning! But don’t take it from us, get inspired from the bride and groom themselves!

“Scott and I were thrilled with our Mike Staff Experience! We actually received a recommendation from my sister, who used a Mike Staff DJ on her wedding day. We loved having the ability to bundle services. Making that decision certainly made our overall planning a little easier! It is also extremely helpful to have a chance to choose whom we wanted to work with based on the sample video profiles!

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Working with Tim and the entire staff from beginning to end was phenomenal and seemed nearly effortless! Their communication was proactive and responsive throughout the process! It was a pleasure working with “our crew” Jonathan, Chelsea, Brad, and Eddie! All four employees were extremely professional and an absolute blast to work with! Chelsea and Brad were fantastic and creative! Brad showed off his dedication to capturing breathtaking photos by doing pretty much anything he could to get the perfect shots of us with the fireworks in the background (which included a few pretty sweet barrel rolls on the grass!) We also received many wonderful compliments from our guests about Jonathan and the great music selection he chose the entire night! I would definitely recommend Mike Staff to anyone looking for a photographer, videographer, and/or DJ.”

first kiss at the altar

Our Real Chicago Wedding: September 19, 2017

Scott: ‘My golf course proposal’

“While Kristin’s family was in town visiting us for the Easter weekend, I creatively found some alone time with her Dad. (They are a very close family, so finding alone time can be quite the challenge!) It was then that I had shared with him my intentions to marry his daughter and that I wanted to ask for his blessing. I was nearly in tears when he told me that his daughters are his world and he would be honored for me to marry his daughter as long as I promised to always take good care of Kristin.  

sprinkler golf course

After I had asked him, a few months passed as I was trying to find the right time to propose. Kristin and I both share a passion for golf. In June of 2016, we went on a weekend golf trip with her parents in Michigan. I had secretly planned to pop the question during that weekend. When we arrived at the golf course, I went into the clubhouse with her dad to pay for the round, while Kristin waited outside with her Mom. While paying, I told her Dad that, “Today was the big day” and that I was going to need him to be my wingman. I had planned on proposing on the fourth hole since we had been together for four years at that time. The round started off a little shaky for her Dad and I, because we were both so excited and I was also a little nervous! When we got to the fourth hole, I quickly gave the ring to her Dad while Kristin was teeing off.”

golf swing romantics

“As we were pulling up to the green, her mom and dad got out of their golf cart and started walking up to putt. I had to buy him some time to put the ring box in the cup without Kristin noticing, so I drove past the hole and awkwardly pretended that I saw some animal running in the woods. Kristin looked at me like I was crazy, laughed and said, “Have you never seen a squirrel before?!” I tried to play it cool without blowing my cover, and quickly replied, “Ohhh it was just a squirrel, silly me, well I thought we could check out the next hole real quick.” At that point, I figured I had given her Dad enough time to set things in place and I decided to turn the cart around before she caught on. When we were walking up to the green her Dad finished putting, and told me to go next since I had a chance to birdie the hole. As I putt my ball in, her Mom started to tear up (seeing as she knew what was about to happen) and Kristin looked at her Mom and said “Why are you crying?!” She quickly recovered and said because she was proud of me for making a birdie on the hole. Thankfully, Kristin’s Mom cries every time the wind blows, so it was not out of the ordinary for Kristin to see her with tears in her eyes! After Kristin putt, she walked up to the hole to get her ball, looked in the cup and at first did not realize the ring box was in there. She stopped dead in her tracks and quickly looked again and when she realized it was a ring box, she got the cutest surprised expression on her face, and immediately started tearing up as she turned to see me down on one knee”.

golf course romance

Our Wedding Video

“I didn’t realize just how important the wedding video was to me until I saw the finished product! Throughout the wedding day, things move fast and emotions are high. You truly are in the moment, as you should be, but the video was able to capture moments that I would otherwise not have been able to see. Watching my grandmothers face as I walked towards my future husband, seeing my friends beam with excitement during our first dance, and experiencing my mothers tears of joy during the speeches are all special details the video captured that I missed during our beautiful day. Having the ability to relive the moment that we said our vows, and being able to hear my Dad and sister’s speeches still give me chills! I was also so happy that the videographer joined us after the ceremony o”n the party bus! This captured so much joy and fun that we shared with our bridal party!”

Our Wedding Day Vision (Cue the Fireworks!)

“We wanted to add a special element to our wedding that would leave a long lasting memory for not only us, but for our guests as well. Rather than having the traditional wedding favors for guests, photo booth, or slow motion video booth, we decided that we wanted to do something unique. Cue the fireworks. Scott and I surprised our guests with a fireworks display that was choreographed to music after our first dance. We had decided to keep this a secret from all of our guests (including our families, however my parents knew about the plan) in hopes to surprise as many guests as we could! Standing on the 18th green with my husband, while watching the fireworks and hearing all of our guests cheering behind us was an exceptionally breathtaking moment I will never forget!”

fireworks first dance fireworks at reception kiss under the fireworks

“Scott and I had envisioned our wedding day to be a combination of traditional, romantic, fun, and memorable. Before we started planning, we had made a promise to each other that we would both be equally involved in the planning process. And let me tell you, we had a blast planning our big day together. Of course, there were a few occasions when it seemed to get a little overwhelming, but it was way more manageable and enjoyable with both of us working on it together. On the day of the wedding, it is so awesome to have that moment with my husband, to stand back and look around the room, and know it was exactly how we had pictured it. Plus (side note), I have heard of too many horror stories where the bride can’t wait for the wedding to be over before it even begins because the stress of planning alone was too exhausting.

Memorable Moments

“It is nearly impossible to pick just one or two favorite moments from our wedding day. The entire day was truly magical and I wish I could relive that day over and over again! And it is definitely true when they say that your wedding day flies by. I would have to say that walking down the aisle with my Dad and seeing my future husband standing there, waiting for me was such an incredible feeling! That moment is something most girls dream about when they are little, and it is beyond amazing when you are actually living that dream!”

bride processional bride and father Kristin and Scott ceremony

“Scott was the one who chose the song for our first dance. We danced to “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait. Seeing as we are both huge fans of country music, it was fitting to have that as our first song!

Jonathon, our wedding DJ, was fantastic! During our pre-wedding phone conference, he was extremely attentive to the types of music we wanted him to play at our wedding. After the fireworks, everyone went back in to the reception and he had “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang playing. We wanted to have a song that was recognized by all ages of guests to get them out on the dance floor and it worked! “

My Wedding Photography Recommendation

“I highly recommend having 2 photographers for a wedding! It was hands down one of the best decisions we made. Scott and I wanted to make sure we could capture as much of our wedding day as possible, and having 2 photographers allowed us to do just that. We worked with Chelsea and Brad for our wedding and they were AMAZING!”

bride beers bridesmaids bridemaids in robesKristin and her dressgroomsmenveil floatingScott the groomKristin on golf courseBridal party on the watercake cutting Chevy Chase Country Club

Thank you Kristin & Scott! We loved working with you!

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