The Real Detroit Wedding of Malinda & David

The Real Detroit Wedding of Malinda & David

Malinda and David’s wedding was 100% ‘Pure Michigan’. From the farmland, the restored barn, to the rich colors, it was simply fall perfection! We knew Malinda had turned to Mike Staff Productions for wedding DJ, photography and videography services but after seeing her photo gallery, we were dying to learn more about her vision and how she was able to bring this rustic wedding day to life.

bride & groom cornfield

Wouldn’t ya know it, it was a nearly an entire DIY wedding! (Impressive!)  Get ready to be inspired. We also wanted to learn more about this couple (and their adorable dogs) after watching their wedding video. You can feel the love pouring out of the computer screen. Grab a tissue. These two have a beautiful love story. We loved working with them and here’s why!

“We couldn’t be happier with the services we’ve received through Mike Staff Productions. We bundled photo, video, and DJ services and it was well worth it! It was painless and one of the easiest components of planning our wedding! All three service providers worked amazingly well with one another which really helped Dave and I enjoy our big day. I would highly recommend bundling with Mike Staff Productions!”

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Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 02, 2017

Malinda & David’s Love Story

“I had just begun my journey as an ER nurse at Providence Hospital when I first met David. My preceptor had been talking very highly of him just before he walked around the corner. I looked up from charting and did a double take! I remember going home and telling my sister about him. A few days later, my friends and I traveled out to Royal Oak to celebrate my birthday. We had a “go-to” place we decided to ditch as a friend recommended a last minute change. Thank goodness for the last minute change of plans because little did I know, I’d be running into David and this night would mark the beginning of our love story!
mexico proposal
Two and a half years later, David took me back to a favorite vacation spot of ours – Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Only this vacation would be different. Instead of excursions, David arranged for a photography session. It was common to see couples and families having professional pictures taken around the resort, so I thought nothing of it. As the photographer announced what I thought would be the last photo, David got on one knee and popped the question!”

Our 4 Legged Wedding Guests

“Our dogs names are Kota (10 years old) and Zorra (5 years old). I’ve had Kota since I was just starting out in college. He’s taught me so much in the nearly 11 years I’ve spent with him. I’ve had Zorra since she was about 6 weeks old. She’s been my little protector since the day I brought her home. Kota and Zorra have always been my priority in my life. They’re truly viewed as part of the family, not ‘pets’.”
bride & groom with dogs
When Dave first met my family, he may have been more nervous about the dogs accepting him more than anyone else! I’ll never forget how he so thoughtfully brought a bouquet of flowers for my mom and a bone for each of the dogs. It wasn’t long before Kota and Zorra accepted him into our pack. Dave has become the most amazing fur-parent over the last few years and they mean just as much to him as they always have to me. When planning the wedding, we knew Kota and Zorra deserved to have a special role in our big day. Justin and Steve did an amazing job of capturing how important our two dogs are to us. We’re so thankful for that!

Our DIY Wedding Vision

“We knew right off the bat that we wanted our wedding to be romantic and intimate, even with the large number of guests we were expecting to have. We envisioned our wedding taking place somewhere that would be meaningful for the both of us – a place we could take our future kids and say, “This is where our family started.”

outdoor barn ceremony

A few years ago, my stepfather had restored an old barn in Howell that had been in his family for almost 100 years! It was a place that already held so many family memories and we knew the amount of work it would take to make our vision a reality would be well worth it.
As my parents run a fully-functioning farm, this barn was filled with hay and tractors only a few short months prior to our wedding. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you see in our photos and video we put together ourselves with the help of our amazing friends and family!”

DIY barn weddingcornfield ceremony

Our Favorite Music Moments 

“Our first dance was to ‘From the Ground Up’ by Dan and Shay. We chose this song because the lyrics really spoke to us and included a strong family reference. Family is so important to us! When ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston was was played at our reception, that had everyone out of their seats! However, our DJ, Matt B., did such an amazing job that the dance floor stayed packed! Our guests were having so much fun, no one wanted the night to end.”
malinda and David first dance

Our Wedding Video

“Getting a wedding video was one of the top priorities on our list. Our wedding video helped bridge any gaps and didn’t require us to do anything but be present in the moment. Our day truly went by so fast, just as everyone said it would. Our Videographer, Steve S., did an amazing job at capturing every important moment! We are so grateful to have a video that transports us back to this day and it’s true emotions!”

“My favorite moment from our wedding day was the moment I stepped out of our family’s barn and saw David waiting for me at the alter. It sounds so typical but David and I chose to forgo a “first-look” in order to have that breathtaking moment with our closest friends and family. I was a nervous wreck in the few minutes leading up to that moment, mostly because 200+ people would be looking at me all at once. Seeing David for the first time gave me so much peace and joy in that moment! To have that moment captured on video, as it happened means everything.”

Our Wedding Photos

“We had an amazing time with our photographer, Justin M. He was professional, organized, and FUN! He did an amazing job of keeping us all on schedule and capturing everything we asked for. We couldn’t have envisioned it going any smoother! Wedding photography was also very important to us, but we didn’t want to be in a situation where taking photos would consume too much time on our big day, especially with us forgoing a first look and the Mike Staff Productions team pulled off what we wanted perfectly.”
malinda and David romantics
groomsmen barn malinda wedding dress david the groom malinda and bridesmaids wedding party
couple black and white  

Thank you, Malinda & David! It was an honor to work with you!

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