Heart to Serve: Flight to the North Pole

Heart to Serve: Flight to the North Pole

As we get ready to ring in a new year, Mike Staff Productions was truly honored to be a part of such a touching event this holiday season as part of our Heart to Serve initiative. ‘The Flight to the North Pole’ is an annual tradition at the Detroit Metro Airport, hosted by the Silverliners, a group of retired flight attendants. This year, 60 children with cancer and other illnesses, from seven Metro Detroit hospitals, took a fantasy flight to The North Pole to visit none other than Santa Claus! The Mike Staff Productions videography team was thrilled to document the exciting day.

“When you have experiences like this, it’s something that lives with you for the rest of your life. These children are beautiful, they’re so brave, have been through so much and Santa Claus makes it all better,” Dorthy Nouhan, Silverliners & event organizer. 

“We’re going to get you to North Pole and we’re going to get ready to go, but I am going to need your help taking off because we’re going to hit a really high altitude, can you all say Ho! Ho! Ho! for me?” the pilot announced over the intercom.

The kids, along with their families arrived at the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport December 15th where they received a boarding pass for the North Pole, and climbed onto a Delta Airlines plane.

While the pilots taxied the plane, the kids sang Christmas carols and played games, while volunteers from the Silver Liners were already at the gate transforming it into Santa’s workshop for their arrival.

After an hour of travel, the children were greeted by Santa and sports mascots such as the Tigers’ Paws and the Pistons’ Hooper. They also received bags full of gifts before heading to a three-hour reception.

“We’ve been doing this flight to the North Pole for 33 years. These children are just precious. It is just heartwarming to see these kids lay eyes on Santa,” said Nouhan.

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