The Chicago Wedding of Jordyn & Patrick

The Chicago Wedding of Jordyn & Patrick

Our Real Chicago Wedding: October 1, 2017

“We loved Mike Staff Productions and would definitely recommend this company! I think the biggest thing for us is we are horrible at planning and having all three services bundled just made it easier for us. Being sent options at the start and choosing who you think would fit your style best was awesome and if you ever needed anything you just had to flick Tim an email and he would sort it all out for you! Even though he said we were easy to work with, I know we weren’t always. It was nice to just be reassured everything would be okay and he was right, the day was absolutely perfect!” – Happy Bride, Jordyn Wood 

Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Our Love Story

“We have quite an interesting love story! About 3 1/2 ago I came to Australia to visit my sister. Her fiancé worked with my now husband and asked him if he would take me to the local horse races! Luckily, he agreed. We hit it off straight away and after 10 days I had cancelled my flights home and moved in with him! Fast forward 2 years and he surprised me with a trip to New Zealand, followed by a surprise helicopter ride to the top of a snow capped mountain where he proposed! We spent the next two weeks snowboarding and drinking all kinds of wine! It was amazing.”

Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Our Mike Staff Productions DJ

“We choose ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran as our first dance song. Honestly, picking songs was so hard because we just like everything and all types of music! I think we choose it because I cried when it played haha! Must have meant something!

The song that had everyone going on the dance floor was ‘Old Man Emu’ by John Williamson! I don’t think anyone expected our wedding DJ to play because its such an old school Australian country song but man, did it have everyone going crazy!”

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Real Chicago Wedding Jordyn and Patrick

Our Wedding Video

“So many of our friends and family kept reminding us to take a moment and just take the whole day in because it goes by so fast… they were right! I am so grateful we have our wedding video because we got to experience some moments that we didn’t see or couldn’t remember happening on the actual day. It just allows us relive the best day of our life over and over again! I think I cried more watching the video then I did on the actual day!”

Our Wedding Photography

Our wedding photos are amazing! They capture our personalities perfectly and I think you can truly feel the love when you look at them. Our wedding photographers also helped capture those little extra moments that just made the day that much more special, like throwing the football and being silly.  My cheerleading stunting pictures during our reception. Just the little things that made the day so personal! If I could have our wedding pictures up in every room I so would!”

Thank you Jordyn and Patrick! We loved working with you!

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