The Real Chicago Wedding of Agnes & Mike

The Real Chicago Wedding of Agnes & Mike

Our Real Chicago Wedding: February 17, 2018

“Mike Staff Productions was great. Tim was the point of contact for much of the contract set-up and answered our questions quickly. I’m glad we insisted on meeting our photographer, and thankfully, Lisa was great. We had particular songs we wanted to hear during dinner at our reception and a few special requests to dance to, and Mike the DJ followed through on all of those and kept our guests dancing by feeling out the crowd. Eddie was happy to comply with a special video project that had guests answer prompts we had prepared to capture their own love story and memories about Michael and I. Some of the footage he and his team got was really cute and fun. The fact the Mike Staff offered all of those services made it very easy to work with them (and individually, they were all great professionals). It is definitely beneficial that they have all worked together before, were able to share resources, and bundling those services to save money is a bonus.” – Happy Bride, Agnes

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

Our Love Story:

“Michael and I met toward the end of high school. We were close friends for many years. We started dating after reconnecting while he was stationed in Pensacola, serving in the Navy. Michael commissioned the help of my sister and her husband in LA to find the perfect engagement ring (it’s from a jewelry shop in LA that specializes in vintage design). Meanwhile, he developed an elaborate proposal, using clues that I had to solve and referencing the Valentine’s Day cards he sent me from our previous 4 years of courtship… so technically, he had been planning the proposal not long after we started dating! 5 of the 6 clues spelled out “Grace (my middle name and the name of the Chicago restaurant we later celebrated our engagement), will you marry me?” He cleverly filmed the proposal, which we were able to share with family and friends.”

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

Our Wedding Vision:

“We both wanted to maintain a level of elegance with personal touches for our wedding. Black and gold, and an art deco theme played heavily in our aesthetic. The ceremony was at the same church my siblings each were married and the same parish I graduated grade school from — that was a no-brainer. When we first walked into the ballroom at the Knickerbocker Hotel, we knew immediately that it fit our vision of the reception with all the gold detail and art deco touches built into the room. We incorporated personal touches in some of our centerpieces and seating chart, and our guests participated in trivia about Michael and I during the cocktail hour.”

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

“Michael enjoyed the photo session–our photographer, Lisa, had great ideas to take advantage of the snowfall. Walking into the lobby of the Knickerbocker and having our guests and strangers alike cheer for us was a fun moment for me! But I really loved getting to talk with some of our friends and family throughout the reception and hearing how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how much fun they were having.”

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

Our Mike Staff Wedding Video:

“Michael likes having video footage of fun events (i.e. the proposal), and we both knew we wanted video footage of the day, to re-live the fun, and share with loved ones. I love that they captured the whole ceremony, and sweet moments with our family and friends. I especially love that the video features favorite songs that we shared with the DJ —  very clever on the video editor’s part!”

Our Mike Staff Productions DJ:

“It Had To Be You” by Harry Connick Jr. was our first dance song. We chose that version of the song because of our fondness for the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” The movie played a role in a special video project we had Eddie, our main videographer, work with some of our guests.

As for the dance floor, all the hits had our guests showing off their moves! Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, a good handful of slow songs to get all the couples on the floor. Our DJ, Mike, heeded my request to play more Michael Jackson, as well as Madonna’s Like A Prayer, which got all of my high school girl friends onto the dance floor.”

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

Our Mike Staff Wedding Photography:

“We made it a point to meet with whichever photographer whose work we felt best fit our style: fewer poses, more natural shots, not heavy on “cheesy” photos. When we met with Lisa, her personality matched ours; she was not over-eager, didn’t impose ideas, and listened to what we were looking for. She had great ideas for photos in the snow. Lisa didn’t push us and made sure we were comfortable with being outside, but her enthusiasm carried us through the cold but beautiful photo session.”

Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike Real Chicago Wedding Agnes and Mike

Thank you Agnes & Mike! We loved working with you!

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