The Real Detroit Wedding of Stephanie & Nick

The Real Detroit Wedding of Stephanie & Nick

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 10, 2017

“I loved working with Mike Staff! It was such a pleasure and I cannot express enough how happy we are with everything. Bundling everything together in one venue was awesome, they all knew each other and it made the day/night flow smoothly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!” – Happy Bride, Stephanie

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Our Love Story

We planned a week trip to Arizona, which is one of my favorite places. I thought we were staying with a friend the entire time but he had a surprise planned. We drove out to Sedona and climbed up to Devil’s Ridge Mountain. When we reached the top he got down on one knee and popped the question, his friend recorded everything and it was such a surprise! He also booked us honeymoon sweet in Sedona and had a hot air balloon ride planned for us the following morning – it was amazing!

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Q: Tell us about your relationship with Nick’s daughter and why it was important to include her in the ceremony?

I met Brooke right after her 4th birthday. She isn’t usually good with meeting new people and it takes her forever to warm up but something about meeting me was different – she never had a warm up moment with me. We clicked instantly and we always have so much fun together. It was so important for me to have her in the ceremony because this day was just as much about her as it was us; we were finally becoming a family.

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Our Wedding Vision

“You know, the only vision I had for our wedding was to make sure it felt like a huge party. Nick and I just wanted everyone to be dancing and to have a great time – our wedding gifts were shot glasses and we had everyone take a shot with us on our grand entrance. I think that pretty much set the mood, lol!”

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick

“My favorite moment was definitely the ceremony. Nick’s dad married us and he had never done this before so a couple things didn’t go as planned. A piece of fake flower got stuck in my hair, he forgot to mention the rings, there was both crying and laughing and it just couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Our Mike Staff Productions DJ

“We choose ‘Thinking Out’ by Ed Sheeran because when the song first played we always talked about how perfect this would be to learn the dance and play this on our wedding day – little did we know that dance was waaay too hard!”

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick “As for the rest of the party, there isn’t one song in particular that had everyone on the dance floor, it was the perfect mix of everything. DJ Kyle did AMAZING! I can’t express enough how much of an impact he had on our wedding night. All we wanted was for people to dance and that’s all they did. Sooo many people came up to us afterwards and expressed that our wedding was the best they have ever been too and let me just say, it was all because of him!”

Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Real Detroit Wedding Stephanie and Nick Our Wedding Video & Photos

“A wedding video was so important to me because everyone told me that the day goes by in a blink of an eye. I want to be able to go back and relive this moment as many times as I can. I also want to be able to share this day with my loved ones who were unable to make it as quite a few of them live far away.”

“The photographer and videographer made me feel super comfortable by letting me and the girls just be ourselves. They both had great personalities and an awesome work ethic – especially the videographer, I had a couple guest inform me how hard he was working to get the perfect shots. I am pleased with the overall experience and I love the finished product!”

Thank you, Stephanie & Nick! It was an honor to work with you!

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