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7 ways brides overspend

7 Ways Brides Overspend On Their Wedding

Spending more than anticipated (or budgeted) on a wedding can be pretty easy. In fact, Wedding Wire conducted a study, showing that 74 percent of couples go over their budget, expecting to spend an average of $17,000 and actually spend an average of $29,000.  Yikes! How can you avoid being a part of that statistic?  Read on as […]


A Modern Bride’s Guide To Traditional Wedding Photos

While many modern brides prefer fun and stylish wedding photos, you might still want more traditional family images (or at least know you have to do them for mom).  Your wedding day family formal images are the ones that mom will proudly display, the photos that document the family that attended – and the images that truly gain more importance with every anniversary you celebrate.


Choosing A Videographer

There are many people who play important roles on your wedding day. The wedding planner keeps things moving in the right direction, the officiantperforms the ceremony and ensures that your marriage is legal, and your videographer captures moments from your wedding day that you will see and hear for the rest of your life. So how do you choose the right videographer? Here are some helpful talking points to ask your videographer to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

Choosing Your Wedding Theme

One of the most exciting wedding planning tasks is being able to choose your wedding theme! The options are endless- so where should you begin? Wedding themes add a touch of fun to the day and help tie together all of the elements. A theme adds a sense of consistency and beauty. Your wedding theme is also a great way to show off your style, taste and interests both individually and as a couple. Here are a few things you can do to pin down the perfect theme for your wedding day.

Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

Throughout your wedding ceremony there are several places for you to add music. Selecting the perfect songs to play during your ceremony can be a big task, to make it easier we have compiled a list of all the times you can add music and some suggestions for the right songs.  

Personalize Your Wedding Video

Having a personalized wedding video is nothing short of incredible. This is a gift that will only grow more valued and treasured as time goes on. Hearing and seeing all the different parts of your wedding day as the years go by is truly remarkable and meaningful. Being able to take in the wedding fashion, remembering the music that was played and how the décor looked will be enjoying through the years and especially to share with future kids and family members. Here are a few ways to personalize your wedding video.

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