Wedding Photography

Save $600 on Your Wedding (This never happens!)

$600 OFF? Yes, you read that right and we’re serious when we say ‘this never happens’ because this (awesome) deal is a one day thing. Check your calendar, what are you doing Sunday September 17th? Saving money with Mike Staff Productions team at the Brides Day Bridal Show, duh! Consider yourself booked for the day…. […]

How to Choose the Best Wedding Photography Location

Let’s talk remarkable wedding photography – more specifically – how to choose the best wedding photography locations for YOU to guarantee breathtaking wedding photos!  We all know it’s a ‘must’ on the wedding checklist. But why is photography so important? Here’s a few reasons… These photos will be a keepsake of your day. They’re your […]

classic car bride and groom

Start Your Engines! Dream Cruise with Mike Staff Productions

Get out the car wax, hang the fuzzy dice, rev your engine and kiss the bride! You heard us, the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise is upon us and that has us thinking about two of our favorite things: classic cars and weddings! From hot rods, muscle cars to corvettes that will make grown men drool […]

How to Get the Best Engagement Photos: Tips from a Pro

Being engaged is one of the happiest moments in a girl’s life!  Between finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, calling all of your girlfriends and endlessly gazing at how the light shines on your ring (we’ve all done it) — you pretty much have a permanent grin 24/7! […]

must have wedding photos

Ultimate Must-Have Wedding Photo Guide

The Bride Getting Into Her Dress Cutting of the Wedding Cake  Bridal Bouquet  Mother / Son Dance  When it comes to moments you want your wedding photographer to capture throughout your wedding day and include in your wedding album — that list list barely scratches the surface, but we’re headed in the right direction! You’ve […]

formal portraits

Formal Wedding Portraits: Ready. Set. Plan!

Arm in arm with Aunt Bev… Side by side with Grandma and Grandpa… Both sets of parents together with you and your (new) hubby… Get ready to channel your inner supermodel because once you say ‘I do’ it’s photo shoot time! Besides the ‘Romantic’s’ you’ll take with your groom and bridal party, no wedding day […]

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