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Our Favorite Unique Wedding Venues in Chicago

Our Favorite Unique Wedding Venues in Chicago

Mike Staff Productions is lucky enough to work in the The Windy City (x 2) and to our beautiful Chicago brides, this blog’s for you! We’re focusing on venues that are guaranteed to set your wedding apart from the rest. (What bride doesn’t want that?) If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box ceremony or a reception […]

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Top 5 Classic Wedding Venues in Metro Detroit

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a ‘classic’…. 1969 Corvette (No brainer)… Nintendo (Yes, this a classic now)… Black & White Movies (Love you Grace Kelly!)… Red Lipstick (Smooch!)… You see where I’m going with this? When it comes to planning a wedding sometimes there’s nothing like choosing a classic wedding venue that creates a timeless […]

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Keep it Quaint: Best Venues for an Intimate Wedding

Many couples agree: size matters when it comes to wedding planning! BUT…there can be something very sweet and beautiful about having a small, intimate gathering at your ceremony and reception, celebrating your love. With that being said, Mike Staff Productions put together a list of our favorite wedding venues that proves bigger isn’t always better! […]

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