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The Votes are in…

And we won Best DJ in Detroit for the 3rd year!! We want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in Vote 4 The Best Guide in Detroit. There were 180,491 insiders votes in the 2009 contest. With over 600 reviews – 5 star(!!!), our brides and grooms really came out and supported us. We look forward to this next year and finding new ways to keep these 5 star ratings coming!!

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A Once in a Millennium Moment

9-9-09 …Obviously enough, that only happens once in a millennium, but one of our newly hitched couples made that date even more special… they made it their anniversary. If you’re checking your day planner, it was this past Wednesday – yes, a Wednesday for a wedding!! All around the world couples flocked early to have this memorial and historically lucky number combination as their day in history. Here in Detroit, this day brought more than just luck for our happy couple:

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Promote Balance as the Theme of Your Wedding

There is no arguing the fact that as a bride or a groom planning your wedding, it is your wedding. Your likes and dislikes should be represented as such. But if you’re a hard core KORN groupie and your guests are symphony fans … or if you prefer techno mixes and your guests prefer Motown… you might have an issue.

Multi-Cultural Weddings This Weekend (Wow!)

Our DJs, photographers and videographers were able to spend time with some amazing people this weekend. Congratulations to all of the wonderful couples who allowed us to be a part of their families for a day. Here are some highlights from the weekend… Two of our couples this weekend put on international, multicultural affairs. Modeled […]

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Even Weddings can be “PC”

You may or may not have heard the term “Man” of honor, but what about Grooms- women? In a recent wedding reception we DJ’d, the groom selected not one, but two of his female friends to be Grooms-women. At first, this modern day modification seemed to create a couples imbalance … but the bridal party […]

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