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Classy Clinton Wedding

With many of the details still under wraps and the speculations out the window, Chelsea Clinton said, “I do” to Marc Mezvinsky this past Saturday.

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Bridal Diapers: Is this for real?

A story is sweeping the Internet right now about brides-to-be whose dresses are so complicated and ornate, they need to wear bridal diapers underneath them in case they need to go to the bathroom at any time during their big day.

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Custom Wedding Stamps

Every bride knows the anxiety of heading to the post office, ready to get those Save-the-Dates in the mail for her summer wedding, and all the post office has is polar bear stamps – that’s right polar bears! What will people think when your summer themed wedding has polar bear stamps!?!

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That’s Teamwork!

I am always preaching Team Work and the benefit of working together. I love it when our MSP team gets to see the benefit too!

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