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the songs of summer 2017

The Songs of Summer 2017

There are a few keys to having an awesome, memorable, successful summer time wedding: air conditioning, cold drinks and the newest party music!   If you’re walking down the aisle in June, July or August — you definitely want to make sure your guests stay cool but you also want the hottest songs, just released […]

Wedding Dinner Soundtrack

  You know what song you’ll walk down the aisle to… You know what your first dance song will be to… You may even know the final party song of the night…   But have you considered what to play during dinner? Wedding dinner music is more than just background music.     As you […]

bouquet toss

Calling all Single Ladies! Best Bouquet Toss Songs

Flowers soaring through the air.  Petals getting ripped to shreds. No satin or lace gown is safe. It’s that moment during your wedding when your girlfriends think “could I be next?!” That’s right — it’s time for the bouquet toss! It’s one of those traditions that’s just downright fun for your guests to watch. With […]

Mother-Son Wedding Dance Songs: Top 10 Classics

It’s the moment when all eyes will be on the groom, when he takes center stage with the first woman he’s ever loved, his mom. The mother-son dance is a moment filled with love, joy, pride, and a hint of the bittersweet as a mother witnesses her son become a husband. So, how does one […]

weddings songs 2017

DJ-Approved Wedding Songs To Pack the Dance Floor in 2017

There is something about wedding songs that just makes you want to dance…sing…swing your partner round and round…well ok, maybe we are getting a little carried away there, but what we are trying to say is that weddings have a special way in bringing the fun out of a person. So with that being said, […]

wedding love songs

10 Wedding-Worthy Love Songs

Looking for that perfect love song for you and sweetie?  You’ve come to the right place.  With the help of our certified wedding love song experts (aka Mike Staff Productions Wedding DJs), we’ve compiled a tried and true list to get you started down the right path. Popular first dance wedding love songs include classics like Etta James’ […]

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