Amanda and Michael’s Wedding at The Whiskey Factory

Our Wedding: October 15, 2021

“An absolute great experience from start to finish. I can’t stress enough how professional everyone at Mike Staff Productions was. I would definitely recommend them as a full stop shop for wedding photos, videos and music.” – Happy Groom, Michael  

Our Love Story

I proposed in Ronceverte, WV where Amanda was living during Medical School at WVSOM. I surprised her by leaving a day earlier arriving early that morning. With help from two of her brides maids I was able do decorate her apartment and cook us dinner while she was in class. With some tequila, I mustard up enough courage to ask her to spend the rest of our lives together. It was never the original plan, but with Covid nothing has gone to plan so it was par for the course.

Our Wedding Vision

Our vision was a bit extravagant. I think we started to get excited and soon realized we needed to budget. Nevertheless our focus was good food, good music and as many family and friends as we could get together. In the end, it was really all about celebrating with loved ones.

Our original date was 10.10.2020. With 2020 being a complete wash for most weddings, we got married on that day and had a small get together at our new home. We then had our second reception or one year anniversary party on 10.15.2021. Although everything got moved back a year we still had a wonderful time.

Our Wedding Photography

The photos were very important. We have wedding photos of past family members and our goal has always been to put them all together on a wall in our home. Our experience with our photographers was top notch. They were timely and knew exactly how to keep everyone on the same page. They seemed to know what we wanted when we wanted it. It was simply one aspect that was stress free on such a crazy day.

It is a tradition to document such an occasion. We are just happy we can look back on these photos for years to come comparing to past weddings from our parents and grandparents.

Our Wedding Memories

Dancing… I think if you can ask the Mike Staff personnel the dance floor is where we spent most of our time, so I would say that was our favorite moment. A close second would be the time we got to spend with all our out of town friends the day or two prior to our reception.

Amanda and Michael's Detroit whiskey factory wedding

Amanda and Michael’s Wedding Vendors