Rebecca and Kyle’s Wedding at The Henry Ford

Our Wedding: August 28, 2021

Mike Staff was AMAZING to work with! Mike Staff made the process easy, stress-free, and fun! We loved how everyone we worked with from Mike Staff was excited to be part of our wedding day! You could tell how they genuinely were excited to be part of our wedding day! We loved their energy and how they pumped us up! Our photographer Amy helped create the perfect timeline for photographs before the ceremony and after. She helped make the most of our time and kept everyone on schedule. DJ Brad helped create the ceremony of our dreams with our music choices and got the party started at our reception. We loved how DJ Brad kept the events of cake cutting, speeches, and dances flowing at our reception. Again, no stress because he used his expertise to keep things run smoothly and kept the party going all night! Recommend Mike Staff 100% to everyone! Not sure why anyone would hesitate or go with anyone else! Makes the wedding planning process effortless and the wedding day perfect. Most importantly, the memories captured in the photographs will last a life time!

Our Love Story

Our love story began through Rebecca’s Aunt Linda and Kyle’s friend Jon, both who work with Kyle at Ford. After a few exchanges of text messages, the date had been set! Rebecca and Kyle had their first date at The Post in Plymouth, MI on August 20, 2017. Both were not sure how this first date would go, but it is safe to say 6 hours later Rebecca and Kyle knew they were perfect for each other!

Over the next couple of years, their love grew deeper as they traveled around the world to Germany, Denmark, California, Hawaii, Washington, and Houghton to name a few. They found their dream home, built a garden, and their relationship continued to grow stronger as they created lasting memories.

On a beautiful and warm afternoon on March 23, 2019, Kyle and Rebecca went to downtown Plymouth to their favorite spot, The Post. After enjoying their time together at The Post, Kyle and Rebecca took a walk through the beautiful park. Kyle stopped Rebecca in the middle of the park and said, “you said yes to another drink, you said yes to another date, you said yes to moving in, and I need you to say yes one more time. Rebecca, will you marry me?” With tears of joy, Rebecca said, “YES!”. The surprises weren’t over yet. Chelsea and her husband Sam who were stationed in Texas and Virginia, came running up to Rebecca. Kyle had arranged for them to be at the park to take pictures of the beautiful proposal. Knowing that family is most important to Rebecca, Kyle had also arranged for all of her family and his family members to surprise Rebecca after the proposal at their house!

Our Wedding Vision

Our vision of our wedding when we started planning was to be surrounded by our family and closest friends. We wanted to have an evening of celebration, fun, and love. Ever since Rebecca was a little girl she had dreamed of having her wedding in an old and elegant ballroom.

We originally had planned on getting married on August 29, 2020. We had all the details set and ready to go in the spring of 2020. However, due to COVID we had to postpone our big wedding celebration. There were lots of tears when we made the decision but we knew it was what was best for the health and safety of all of our guests. What made the process even better was how understanding and easy MikeStaff and our venue made it for us. They just pushed our contract back a year. Weddings can be stressful and having to postpone due to a pandemic added a lot of extra things to worry about. We were so lucky that MikeStaff made the process easy and stress free!

We ended up getting married still in August of 2020 along Lake Superior. The ceremony was intimate and better than what we had ever imagined it would be. We had our parents as our witnesses and the officiant. I think having no one else there made our postponed celebration even more exciting because everyone had waited an extra year to be apart of our ceremony and celebration.

Our Wedding Photography

I can not say enough good things about our photographer, Amy C. and how much I loved working with her! Prior to our wedding she kept in touch with us frequently and went over our wedding day timeline. I appreciated this because I knew exactly how the day was going to go from the moment she arrived to take photos of us getting ready to the final photograph of us in the evening. When creating the timeline Amy asked what we wanted the day to look like and what was important to us to be captured. She also gave her suggestions based on her experience and we shifted the timeline. I am so thankful that she was able to use her expertise and that I listened to her advice because we were able to make the most of our time and were able to get more photos taken on our wedding day! There were no surprises and Amy made sure we stayed on time (and even got us ahead of schedule .. which is great because it kept us feeling stress free). Her attention to detail is what made our wedding photos perfect! She even retook a picture at one time because she noticed my necklace wasn’t centered! Such detail! Everyone in our wedding party and our guests are still are talking about how we had the best wedding photographer they have ever seen! After seeing our photos they are even more amazed! Everyone loved Amy’s lively personalty. She was professional yet personable.

I love our wedding day photos! They are absolutely breathtaking to look at. Every time I look at them I cry tears of joy because it takes me right back to our wedding day. I can remember how I felt in each of those moments and it fills my heart with such love and joy. I have said this before but we owe it to Amy to capturing our wedding day so perfectly! We have received NUMEROUS phone calls and texts from family and friends raving about how breath taking the photos are. With guests asking how did you find your photographer because she is one of a kind!  We are not one who enjoys taking photos of ourselves but she made us absolutely love it! Our groomsmen, bridesmaids, and even our guests all mentioned to us how much they enjoyed Amy and how impressed they were with her talent, organization and helpfulness on the wedding day.

Our wedding photos helped share with the older guests who couldn’t attend our wedding due to being high risk and COVID the special moments of our wedding day. We loved how MikeStaff organized the photos in chronological order and separated them by parts of the day. It was difficult for our older guests to not be part of our special day and we felt their absence on our wedding day. It meant the world to have all the special moments captured and for them to be able to see and feel like they were part of our day. It brought tears to their eyes to see the joy, love, and happiness of our special day!

Our Wedding Memories

Our favorite moment from our wedding day was during the ceremony walking down the aisle and having all of our friends and family members with us to witness our exchanging of vows. Also, the dance floor! We danced with our guests the entire night! DJ Brad with Mike Staff kept the partying going all night long! Even guests who usually aren’t dancers were on the dance floor with us all night! It was the perfect day!

Our Wedding Vendors