Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club Wedding of Kayla & Michael

Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club Wedding of Kayla and Michael: March 24, 2023

“We had three guys who did our video, DJ, and photography and they were fantastic. Funny, lightened the mood, were willing to help with ANYTHING (even outside of what we hired them for) and just made me feel comfortable and stress free the whole day. They would have done anything I asked of them, and all three of them for sure went above and beyond.” – Happy bride, Kayla

Our Love Story

My husband and I actually met on the side of the road in a traffic jam. I was on the way to a country music festival (Faster Horses) with my sister and all cars were stopped and not moving due to heavy traffic. Four guys hopped out of their truck in front of us and were chatting and opened a beer. I was in my car behind them and wanted to get out and just stretch. So, I walked up to them and said hi, my name is Kayla, can I drink a beer with you guys? And the rest is history!

He lived in Canada and I lived in Michigan, so navigating living in different countries definitely helped build our relationship. He proposed a year later at the same spot we met on the side of the road. We were driving to the country music festival again. We were in his truck and he told me he got a flat tire. He pulled over on the side of the road, told me to get out of the truck, and said he had found what had given him a flat tire. I came around to the back where he said he had the flat tire, and he pulled out the ring box and asked me to marry him 🙂

Our Wedding Vision

I just wanted to represent who we were as people. We got married at Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club and my husband absolutely loves to golf. We also love going up north and being in the woods and this venue definitely gave us those vibes.

Wedding DJ Experience

Our first dance song was “I Prayed for You” by Matt Stell. We chose this song because we not only prayed for each other for a long time prior to meeting, but also, the words of the first verse “never been one to ask for help, if I need a mountain moved I can move it myself” describes him and I perfectly; both very hard workers, been through a lot in life, never ask for much and never let things get us down.

Our wedding DJ made sure all of our song requests were played and I was beyond impressed with how professional he was with remembering everyone’s names, knowing who the parents of the bride and groom were, and he didn’t mess up once with any songs for our ceremony.

Wedding Photography Experience

Our wedding photographer was awesome. For example, hee stopped eating his dinner just so he could come outside and take sunset photos of us. We had a beyond beautiful sunset that night, and he made sure we got all of the perfect shots. All of the shots and poses he asked us to do felt very natural as well. That definitely reflected in the photos when they came back, no one looked awkward or uncomfortable. He was also very funny, I was nervous while getting ready in the bridal suite and he just kept making me laugh.

Wedding Videography Experience

There was so much that had happened that day that I was not there for. It also went by SO FAST that having that wedding video to watch is like reliving the moment. Example, I did not know my husband was crying while I was walking down the aisle, I didn’t see my Mom crying either when she walked down the aisle. The video was able to capture moments like this that I was unable to see. I also love having our vows on video. We can’t wait to show our wedding video to our future children some day.

Our Wedding Planning Advice

Enjoy it because it goes by SO FAST, especially the reception. If you can add an extra hour, do so, and don’t sweat the small stuff. I would 100% recommend getting a wedding videographer, because they capture so much of what you don’t see and also so much of the important parts. I’ve rewatched our wedding video probably 30 times since receiving it and I see something new each time.

Kayla & Michael’s Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club
  • Wedding Dress: Here Comes the Bride in Leamington, Ontario
  • Transportation: Dream Limousines
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding Photography, DJ & Videography

Wedding Videography at Shepherd's Hollow

Wedding Photography at Shepherd's Hollow