The Meadow Brook Hall Wedding of Alison & Andre

The Meadow Brook Hall Wedding of Alison & Andre: June 25, 2023

“On a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest, our experience working with Mike Staff Productions was a 10/10!” – Happy bride, Alison

Our Love Story

It was on August 14, 2022, during my mother’s birthday celebration at my house, that Andre chose the perfect moment to propose to me. Our paths first crossed approximately a decade ago when I enlisted his photography services for one of the events organized by my non-profit organization, Jackets for Jobs. Over the years, we developed a strong professional camaraderie, purely as business friends. However, fate had something extraordinary in store for us. Unbeknownst to either of us, my mother, sensing a potential connection, took it upon herself to play matchmaker. She orchestrated a clever plan by inviting Andre to her house, while simultaneously inviting me over without revealing the others presence. As we both arrived at her home, my mother had prepared dinner, setting the stage for our encounter. Little did we know that this evening would mark the beginning of a beautiful journey as we embarked on our romantic relationship.

Our Wedding Vision

My vision for our wedding was to create a magical fairytale experience, where every detail exuded elegance and grandeur. I knew that Meadow Brook Hall was the perfect venue for this occasion, with its sprawling 88,000 square foot mansion that has hosted heads of states. The moment I saw it, I instantly felt like I was entering a magnificent castle, and I wanted to embrace my inner princess. On the day of our wedding, I adorned myself with a delicate tiara, symbolizing the enchantment and grace of the occasion. My wedding dress, with its cathedral train, accentuated the regal atmosphere, making me feel like the protagonist in a storybook. The anticipation only grew as my fiancé, Andre, surprised me with a luxurious Rolls Royce, which whisked me away from the hotel to the venue, heightening the feeling of being transported into a fairy tale world. As we arrived at Meadow Brook Hall, the weather gifted us with its radiant beauty, casting a golden glow over our garden wedding. Lush flowers adorned every corner, creating a picturesque backdrop that seemed straight out of a dream. The fragrance of blooms filled the air, adding a touch of romance and serenity to the atmosphere. Our fairytale wedding brought together all the elements that I had envisioned—a majestic venue, a princess-like aura, and the beauty of nature. It was a day where dreams became reality, and we celebrated our love in a truly enchanting setting.

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

As Andre’s hands gracefully lifted the veil, I felt a rush of emotions. The simple act symbolized the unveiling of our future, a new chapter that we were about to begin together. It was a moment of vulnerability, trust, and the realization that we were ready to share our lives completely. Another favorite moment was when the Detroit Lions cheerleaders, energized our guest as the DJ introduced the wedding party, and afterwards our guest were able to take photos with the cheerleaders.

Our Wedding DJ

The professional wedding DJ we chose from Mike Staff Productions, kept the guest engaged and the guest stayed on the dance floor.

Our Wedding Photos

The significance of our wedding photos cannot be overstated. With Andre’s expertise as a photojournalist and experience as Motown’s photographer, his discerning eye for capturing moments is unparalleled. Recognizing the importance of preserving our special day in exquisite detail, we spared no expense in ensuring that our wedding photography surpassed all expectations.

Our Wedding Video

We wanted to capture the day and always have that wedding video to refer back to. Our Wedding Planning Advice Shop at Costco for flowers.

Alison & Andre’s Wedding Vendors

  • Ceremony & Reception Venue: Meadow Brook Hall
  • Florist: Now and Forever Florist
  • Wedding Cake: Sweet Dreams
  • Hair & Makeup: Face The Throne
  • Officiant: Rev. Dr. Lucille O’Neal (Shaquille O’Neal’s Mother)
  • Wedding Planner: 1 2 NV Events, LLC
  • Mike Staff Productions: DJ, photography & videography