Alyssa and Brian’s Wedding at Meadow Brook Hall

Our Real Wedding: July 6, 2019

We would absolutely recommend Mike Staff! Brad was a fantastic wedding DJ. I had many compliments on how well he did and how they were so glad he was professional and not the typical loud-voiced irritating DJ so many have heard before. Steve, our wedding videographer was great too. Honestly, I barely noticed him, which is a great compliment! Nothing he did was distracting, and he worked with my wedding photographer really well.

– Happy Bride, Alyssa

Our Love Story

We met at Western Michigan University in Physician Assistant School. We started dating during our second year in 2015. After graduation in 2016, we both accepted positions at hospitals in the Detroit area and moved in together in Royal Oak.

Brian proposed on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where Alyssa’s parents own a home. He was so nervous proposing that day that he asked her in many different ways and many times if she was “sure she wanted to go to the beach,” “are you ok with wearing that to the beach,” “but we are still going to the beach?” When we got to the beach, Brian kept trying to keep walking to find something more private. We eventually found a spot to sit down where we talked about our lives together and what we hoped the future would hold. After a while, Brian and said “Ok well, that’s it, you have to stand up for this,” and got down on one knee!

Our Wedding Vision

I wanted it to be elegant and timeless. Something I would look back on years from now and think that I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve always been into fairytales and happily ever after, so Meadow Brook was the perfect setting. It was like our own little castle for the day. I’ve also always been about glitz, glamor, sparkles and everything pink. So my dress was a very easy decision when I found out it came in blush!

Our Wedding DJ

Towards the end of the reception, the groomsmen had a little bit too much to drink. They ended up starting to take their tux shirts off, leaving just their bow ties on like chippendales dancers. They started dancing like Magic Mike, and Brad, HILARIOUSLY changed the song that was playing to Pony by Genuine. He said something like, “Oh whoops, how did that song get changed?” We were all dying laughing and we sincerely appreciated his quick thinking because the groomsmen started getting even more into the dancing!

Our Wedding Video

We wanted the memories captured of the day mostly because of how quickly it passes. We made every effort to be fully present in the moment, but there’s so much to see and do that it’s impossible. We knew a wedding videographer would be worth every penny!

Our Wedding Memories

I loved our first look. I loved seeing Brian before the ceremony. I wasn’t nervous to marry him, but the emotions of the day were starting to get the best of me. I started crying just walking into Meadow Brook. The first look out in the garden was the perfect way to start off the day. We both said seeing each out put everything into perspective and it was a great reminder that despite all the romance and emotions of the day, in the end it was all about us and spending the rest of our lives together. We then got to go see our reception tent all put together before guests arrived, which was another great way for us to take in the moment.

Alyssa and Brian’s Wedding Vendors

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!