Amelia and Matthew’s Wedding at Fern Hill Golf Club

Our Real Wedding: May 18, 2019

“I would definitely recommend Mike Staff Productions, in fact I already have multiple times. Having confidence that our production team would be top notch made everything else seem ten times easier to plan.”

Happy Bride, Amelia

bride and groom under wedding veil

Our Love Story

Matt proposed in the same park we used to hang out in when we were in high school. It’s where we had one of our first kisses, where I asked him to prom, and where we spent countless hours just being happy.

Our Wedding DJ

Our professional wedding DJ did a really great job keeping people dancing. He really played a good variety, so it wasn’t just the same genre over and over. My most memorable song that comes to mind was probably Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, because everyone was going crazy. My friends and cousins (and myself) love Queen, so it was a great moment.

My husband, Matt picked out our song. It was Harlow’s Song by Good Charlotte, which is his favorite band. The song just speaks a lot to how we feel about each other, so it was perfect.

bride and groom first dance

Our Wedding Video

Getting good footage has been a priority from the beginning because it’s something my parents have always talked about when bringing up their own wedding. I wanted to make sure our video was suited to us and our day. Which of course it is, because the professional video team rocks too. I love how well it flows through the day while not really leaving much out. We got our whole ceremony, so it’s great to be able to notice all the little things I was too overwhelmed to see in the moment. Everything else is put together so nicely that it’s like watching a movie, honestly, it’s great

Our Wedding Photos

Our wedding photographers were perfect! Bethany and Amy were both beyond friendly and comfortable and that really helped us all through the day. Our photo experience was very important to us, because I’m not only a photographer myself, but I grew up around them too. With that in mind, I couldn’t have asked for a better photography team. They really knew what they were doing, and their work is absolutely beautiful.

pre ceremony bride getting ready
bride and groom holding hands
bride lacing converse sneakers
bride and bridesmaids wearing converse
bride with bridesmaids
pre ceremony groom with groomsmen
bride and groom wedding photo
wedding dress pre ceremony
bride and groom with their dog

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

My favorite moment was probably our night portraits. Our photographers pulled us away from everything once the sun had set, to get some different photos. It was nice because it gave us a chance to step away with each other and realize that we’d done it, we got married!

Amelia and Matthew’s Wedding Vendors

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