Jessica and Jason’s Wedding at Vale Royal Barn

Our Real Wedding: June 29, 2019

“Working with Mike Staff was easy and they coordinated their services so nicely.  Both the photographer and videographer were thorough, detail oriented and spent time talking with me so they could capture the wedding day I wanted to manifest.  They were professional but laid back and made both Jason and I feel comfortable being the center of attention. I would absolutely recommend Mike Staff!” – Happy Bride, Jessica

real detroit wedding

Our Love Story

Jason proposed 3 times.  Not because I said no, but because each time was perfect in it’s own way.

The first time was while we were walking a trail after a rain, something we had grown to love to do together.  I call him my “trailmate” for a reason. He had fallen behind and when I finally turned around, he was on his knee, in the wet dirt, with a leaf stem he had tied into a ring.  It surprisingly fit perfectly on my ring finger and it is still safely tucked in my jewelry box.

The second time was late on a weeknight after we both had long days at work.  He asked me multiple times to stand up from the couch and give him a hug (so he could get down on one knee), but I stubbornly refused saying he could just as easily give me a hug while sitting on the couch. He gives in, then pulls away and asks me very intensely, “Are you going to marry me??” I respond with “of course, we’ve talked about it.” And then he presents my grandmother’s gemstone broach and a band of diamonds from my mother’s old wedding ring given to him after receiving blessings from my parents to ask me to marry him.  He tells me he knows how much it would mean to design the ring using the stones. I cried and told him he probably could have bribed me to stand up with chocolate.

After talking with his family jeweler, we realized the ring I wanted wasn’t plausible with the stones and Jason waiting patiently as I scoured Etsy for the ring of my dreams.  I wanted ethically sourced stones, recycled metal, small and dainty made by a small time jeweler. I took 3 weeks to find it after messaging back and forth with multiple shops, but Jason was patient and placed the order.

The third time was the “official” proposal.  We had set up our hammock looking out over a lake in a pretty secluded spot we happened to have stumbled upon. I napped while he was secretly texting his brother horrible directions to where we were.  As we were packing up, Jason yelled my name and thinking there was a bug/bee/spider/huge flying insect, I whip around to find him on one knee with the ring. After a small happy dance, tears, and a big hug, Jason points to the bushes where his brother pops out, filming the whole thing.  We then officially announced we were tying the knot!

bride & groom at vale royal barn

Our Wedding Vision

Jason and I wanted something small and casual. Nothing fancy where people could eat some great food and have an awesome time.  We’re nature lovers and it was important to me to have something outside with lots of greenery, wild flowers, and a rustic feel.  After touring almost 10 different venues, we found the perfect one. We got married on the dock, overlooking a wild pond and then headed to a barn to eat and dance the night away.  When we needed a break, we headed out to the bonfire pit for s’mores with our close friends and family. It truly was the best day.

Our Wedding Video

My sister who was married 4 years ago insisted that I needed to have a videographer.  She and her husband watch their video every year on their anniversary and she told me how much she loves reliving the day. 

I love the shots that Tracy got and I think the video captures moments we would not have had with only photography.  He was also a joy to work with and kept things lighthearted when we needed a laugh because Jason and I were both awkward and nervous.

I love seeing our subtle facial expressions and hearing the little things Jason and I say to each other throughout the day.  He really managed to capture the essence of our day.

Our Wedding Photos

I first appreciated the time that was spent making sure we chose the right photographer for us and working with Amy was wonderful.  She really spent time and effort into getting to know the both of us, our style, and take some great photos. We told her we are not ones for staged photographs.  Our love and magic shines in the little candid moments and she caught so many of those. She also managed to get the organized photos with both our families and somehow got all 40 people plus 5 children under the age of 4 to look at the camera all at once. She was also a great support person going through the wedding planning process and offered advise and expertise when needed. The photos were delivered in a very timely manner and they are remarkable.  I truly love each one of them.

bride and groom embracing during wedding romantics session

bride & groom holding hands
real detroit wedding

Our Wedding Memories

My favorite moment was the ceremony.  We had met with our Rabbi a handful of times to talk about and get to know us as a couple.  He even had us take a premarital quiz to discover our strengths as a couple and the areas that could use some attention.  The ceremony he led was so “us” and filled with all the joy that Jason and I have from our relationship. He honored Jason’s late father and grandfather and incorporated elements like Jason and his brothers wearing their father’s Jerry Garcia ties, being wrapped in his father’s tallit (prayer shawl) and drinking from his grandfather’s kiddush cup.  I’ll always remember looking in his eyes and stating in both Hebrew and English, “I am to my beloved and my beloved is mine, I am to my beloved and my beloved is my friend.” and feeling the depth of truth to that proclamation.

And of course, the moment he broke the glass and we had our first kiss as husband and wife!

bride and groom at alter at wedding ceremony

Jessica & Jason’s Wedding Vendors 

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!

Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

At Mike Staff Productions, we trust that you’ll choose the perfect person to work with because you know what you want on your wedding day!  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ, photographer or videographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the planning process.

Let’s bring your wedding vision to life!