Katie and Joshua’s Wedding

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Our Real Detroit Wedding: June 27, 2020

“Our experience with Mike Staff was just incredible from start to finish. From our first appointment to the end, they kept it professional and went above and beyond our expectations. We truly couldn’t have asked for anything else.”

– Happy Bride, Katie

Our Love Story

We met in 6th grade and have been friends since then – but we started dating as juniors in high school. We were supposed to go on a 8 year anniversary trip where he says he planned on proposing then but a few weeks before we went out to dinner and he ended up proposing at home because he said he could no longer wait. Haha!

Our Wedding Vision

The vision I had for our wedding was to have it sometime in the summer with all of our friends and family around. I wanted lots of rustic decor and lots of flowers.

How The Pandemic Impacted Our Wedding

Due to COVID-19 our plans completely changed! We were about 4 months out from our wedding day and we thought there was no way we could get married with everything going on. We threw around the idea of postponing it later in the year but decided that there was so much uncertainty still. Thankfully most businesses started opening back up closer to the wedding and we were able to get my dress altered, the bridal parties attire, the flowers and cake ordered and everything else we needed ready. We worked up until the day before the wedding to prepare. Unfortunately, our original guest list of 170 was no longer an option and we only invited about 60 of our closest family and friends to celebrate with us.

Use our COVID-19 wedding planning guide to help you along the way.

We were still able to have our ceremony at our church but we had cancelled our reception hall and had our “reception” / I DO BBQ at my sisters house afterwards where we had plenty of food, drinks and swimming! Honestly, we were just so thrilled to get married after such an uncertain time that the idea of a big wedding celebration and the original plans did not matter anymore.

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Our Wedding Photography

Our wedding photographer, Trista, was absolutely wonderful. She made us feel so comfortable the day of the wedding. I also cannot tell you enough how patient she was with all of the planning and discussing the different ideas we had. We love being able to share our pictures and video with our guests that couldn’t attend. Especially in our situation when they could not all attend due to the pandemic.

Our Wedding Videography

Getting a professional wedding video was SO important for us because we really wanted to capture the day from a different point of view. The video captured every single one of the special moments and we can now go back again and again to watch the video and it just takes us back to our special day.

Our Wedding Memories

One of our favorite moments from the wedding day was seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. We both were in tears and it just completely felt like a “WE MADE IT” moment after dating for 10 years and going through a pandemic.

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Katie and Joshua’s Wedding Vendors

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