Leslie & Caesar’s Wedding at Blossom Heath

Our Real Detroit Wedding: May 26, 2018

“Overall, our experience with Mike Staff was great! We would definitely recommend your services, individually or bundled. We found it beneficial to bundle your services, not only for the price, but for the convenience as well. We definitely appreciated not having to deal with multiple vendors for each service (photography, videography, DJ). It made the planning process a little less stressful.” – Happy Couple, Leslie  & Caesar

Our Love Story

“After telling our story, it might seem that our marriage was arranged, but we can assure you it was not.

Both our moms went to nursing school together in the Philippines and moved to Michigan in the 1980’s as there was a need for nurses. After having kids in the 1990’s, Caesar’s family lived in the Philippines for 10 years until they decided to move back to Michigan, conveniently right next door to Leslie. Only having met as babies, neither of us really knew each other, but we became instant friends that summer until his family moved to Warren and they lost touch.

Fast forward to April 2008. My high school was having a Junior Prom, and despite having no desire to go, my sister approaches Caesar’s mom and tells her that I’m not going to prom because I don’t have a date. His mom [excitedly] says, “Ok I’ll tell Caesar!”  From that point, we went to 3 Homecomings, 3 Proms, 1 Winter Formal and 1 Debutante Ball together. And the rest is history.”

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“Having never travelled to California, we decided to plan a week-long trip to LA and Disneyland. After running all over Disneyland trying to ride all the rides before it got busy, we decided it was time for lunch. Passing by the front of the castle, Caesar suggested we fall in line for a photo. We get up to take our pictures, and before you know it, he gets down on one knee and proposes! After saying “YES!” my sister and my best friend (both from Michigan) come out of nowhere to surprise me!”

Our Wedding Wedding Vision

“For our wedding ceremony, we wanted to keep it pretty traditional. With both of us being Filipino, we wanted to incorporate the traditional Filipino customs into the Catholic wedding ceremony as well. We knew our ceremony would be at St. Florian Church because aside from it being such a beautiful church, it has been Leslie’s church since she was in first grade.

I don’t think we envisioned anything too specific for our wedding until we secured our venue. We know we wanted a lot of personal touches while also keeping it simple. After seeing Blossom Heath Inn, we knew that was our place. We wanted to keep in line with Blossom Heath’s theme and its gold accents, so we thought “Art Deco” worked perfectly.”

 Our Mike Staff Productions DJ

“Our family & friends love line dancing and we made sure we told DJ Devlin about that ahead of time. We went over some of the more popular line dance songs that were guaranteed to get people out on the floor, and it definitely worked like a charm.

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Our professional wedding DJ, Devlin, definitely helped make our night more memorable. First, we made it a point to learn how to correctly pronounce everyone’s names. All our guests were pleasantly surprised. Second, he helped orchestrate an unplanned “Father-Daughter” dance. Both of Leslie’s parents have passed away, and so she had originally decided not to have a father-daughter dance. After some discussion with her sister and husband, and coordination with Devlin, she danced with 15 of her father-figures individually. Not a dry eye was in the room.

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Our first dance song is “Never Stop (Wedding Version)” by Safetysuit. We wanted to pick a song that (1) no one we knew had chosen as their wedding song, and (2) was not very popular. We came across this song while flipping through stations and loved it.”

The Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and Caesar

Our Wedding Video 

“Getting a wedding video was important to us because it gives us a chance to see things we might have missed when it actually happened. It’s also something our future kids can watch, just like Leslie has watched her parents’ professional wedding video multiple times.”



Our Wedding Photography 

“We loved working with our professional wedding photographer, Mary. We met with her to take some long overdue engagement photos about a month before the wedding and we are glad we did. By wedding day, it felt like we had a friend taking our photos. Our wedding party felt the same way. Our wedding photos are very important to us. We trusted Mary to help document one of the most memorable and important days of our lives, and she truly delivered.”

The Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and Caesar


Caesar: My favorite moment was seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

The Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and Caesar

Leslie: It’s hard to pick a single favorite moment, because I loved the whole day. First favorite: Walking down the aisle, seeing the faces of all our friends and family, escorted by my aunts and uncles, to meet my soon-to-be husband at the end. Second favorite: Feeling like models taking photos with our closest friends (bridesmaids, groomsmen). Third favorite: Dancing the night away with all our guests!

The Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and CaesarThe Real Detroit Wedding Leslie and Caesar

Leslie & Caeser’s Wedding Vendors


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