Megan & Brandon’s Wedding at Paint Creek Country Club

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 17, 2018

“Our Mike Staff Productions experience was perfect! Everyone was so helpful with any questions and changes I had. They always did things in a timely manner and everyone was so professional. I would 100% recommend Mike Staff. Having DJ and Videography from one company made it super easy to coordinate and communicate whenever needed.”


Brandon and I met via our close friends! He proposed to me during my family’s annual Christmas tree farm adventures. Every year my family visits a Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree so Brandon decided that once we found the right tree, before we cut it down, we would take a picture. After we took that picture he got down on one knee and proposed!
My favorite moment from the wedding day would have to be walking out of the ceremony as husband and wife. The happiness I felt and excitement that we finally did it was the best feeling! After all of the planning it’s just such an awesome feeling to see that moment play out. The vision I had for the wedding was more on the rustic side but also just a fun/relaxing environment. I wanted everyone to feel laid back and just have a great time.


It wasn’t until 6 months before the wedding that I decided I wanted a professional wedding video. I knew I wanted the ceremony recorded, but I was going to save money and have a friend record it. That was until I saw my best friend’s wedding footage from Mike Staff Productions.
Seeing her footage made me realize how amazing it would be to have this footage forever. It would allow not only Brandon and I to go back and watch our special day, but it’s something we can share with family and friends for years to come. The biggest thing I love about our video is being able to see all of our friends and family who celebrated with us that day. It’s amazing to look back and see all those who support you.


My family loves AC/DC so I would say anytime our wedding DJ played one of their songs, the whole family was out there. Our DJ was amazing! Having him aware of what it was that was important to us was extremely helpful. I think just having him read the dance floor and knowing what got people on the dance floor helped make the night memorable.

Megan and Brandon’s Wedding Vendors

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