Sabrina and Devin’s Wedding at Meadowbrook Country Club

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 24, 2018

“Mike Staff Productions was excellent! I would, of course, recommend you guys to other people. The benefit of bundling is that the team works together. They understand each other and how things work. Also, the price is great when you bundle!”

Our Love Story

The day Devin proposed was like any other Sunday. I was at work in the morning and he had actually just got home from a bachelor party. I didn’t see him all day until I got home. We had plans to go to dinner with his family because it was his birthday.

He was being really quiet that day. On the car ride home from the restaurant he didn’t seem like himself, but I just assumed it was because he was tired from the weekend. We had his family back over our house for cake and ice cream. As I was getting the cake ready, he called me to go upstairs. My natural reaction was just screaming from the bottom of the stairs, “What do you want? I am getting the cake ready!!” I went upstairs and he proposed in our bedroom! His mom knew what was happening, so she told everyone while I was upstairs and then we came downstairs and everyone was cheering! We called my parents and grandparents to come over to celebrate the good news. I like to say it was Devin’s best birthday gift 🙂 The most perfect part of the proposal was that it was so him! I honestly would not change a thing about our small intimate moment.

Our Wedding Video

I wanted a professional wedding videographer to document the day. I was on the fence at first about getting one, but reflecting back it was my favorite part. The day goes by so quick that you don’t really get to remember all the moments. I am just so happy to have it on video to watch back. I also liked the fact that I got to see Devin and the boys get ready. I clearly wasn’t able to be there, so it was fun to see what they were doing while us girls were getting ready.

What I love most about the video is it captured the whole day! All the speeches, dances, and I was able to see what my family and friends were doing and how they enjoyed the day. I was also excited to watch the processional during our ceremony since I was the last one in.


I really think that everyone was on the dance floor the whole night. From the first dances on, the whole floor was packed until the very end! When I texted my DJ the next day to thank him for such an awesome job he said “I have been to a lot of weddings, and I think that was the most fun I have seen people having on the dance floor.”

Our wedding DJ was awesome, he kept the party going all night! I think one of the things he did to be most memorable was that he included everyone’s genre/ generations through the whole night. The “older” crowd had their songs playing throughout the night and not just in the beginning. Everyone was having a blast from the first through the last song.

Favorite Wedding Memories 

There are many favorite moments from the day! During our speech we forgot to thank our parents (HOW DID WE DO THAT?) So Devin decided to bring out parents aside and thank them. We were able to step outside and just have a moment us two with our parents and it was so special and emotional.

My second favorite part of the night was our dance off on the dance floor. It was girls against boys. Boys (somehow) won the first round, girl won second round. Devin and I had to dance off for the tiebreaker. NSYNC Bye Bye Bye was the song and we killed it! Girls won, of course!

Sabrina and Devin’s Wedding Vendors

  • Ceremony & Reception Venue: Meadowbrook Country Club
  • Florist: Delux Floral and Events
  • Bakery: Elite Sweets
  • Dress: Alice in Ivory
  • Invitations & paper accents: Karen’s Custom Invitations and Creations
  • Hair & Makeup: Studio 170 and Charisma Salon
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding DJ & Videography

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