The Real Detroit Wedding of Sarah and Ryan

Our Real Wedding: September 21, 2019

“10 out of 10! The convenience is worth it! All three of my needs from one company. Great communication with everyone who you worked with. And also the speed dating type way of picking your DJ and photographer is awesome, I loved that and still tell people about it!”

Happy Bride, Sarah

Our Love Story

We met on OkCupid over 3 years ago. Our first date was on June 26,2016. We both said we knew right away that this was going somewhere. A few weeks after that he asked me if we could make it official, we were sitting on the pier at the end of my street. He proposed on June 26,2018 on that same pier. It was after a long day of work, I had no makeup on and I was starving and ready for dinner. He kept saying I’m not hungry let’s go for a walk instead. So I finally gave in and threw on some clothes and we walked to the pier. It was there that he proposed!

Our Wedding Video

It was important to me because I kept hearing that the day just flies by and let me tell you, it does. Our videographer was there to capture all the moments. I’ve always wanted a professional wedding videographer but when you’re budgeting you go back and forth. Let me share a piece of advice that someone said, she got a videographer and she said you’ll watch it when you first get it and on your anniversaries but when you have kids, your kids love watching the video over and over again. And also if someone was there that’s no longer with us, you’re able to show a video of them to your kids. So get that videographer! It’s worth it!!

Our Wedding Photos

My wedding photos are very important to me. You capture a very big day when we are getting pulled in many directions. You capture the small details that we spent months envisioning. Our Detroit wedding photographer was wonderful and so was her assistant.

Our Wedding DJ

DJ Kevin was wonderful and knew how to get the party going. I honestly cannot remember what song exactly but there were many times over half the room was on the dance floor.

We chose “Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore. Kip Moore is one of my favorite country music artists and that song is my favorite. Although Ryan calls him “crap Moore” he secretly likes him. I’ve caught him singing his songs and this song in particular. And wouldn’t you know, he sang it to me during our first dance. Obviously just to me, no one else could hear, thank god!!

Favorite Wedding Memories

The ceremony. It was so beautiful. I remember us talking about it and going, we don’t care we just want to get married! And our officiant has some examples and was like pick two..and I’m glad I did. It was so beautiful the sayings/versus we picked. Plus the location, outside and looking over a pond on a gorgeous day.

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