Tayla and Justin’s Wedding at Meadow Brook Hall

Our Real Detroit Wedding: August 17, 2018

“We were so incredibly impressed and thankful for Mike Staff! They made everything so easy without compromising quality! Their bundle deal was a huge benefit for us so that we didn’t have to spend the tine searching for each service individually! We would 100% recommend Mike Staff, and we have already told our engaged friends to use their services! One of our bridesmaids was so impressed with our DJ that she ended up going to Mike Staff in order to book him for her wedding next year!” – Tayla and Justin

 Our Love Story

Justin scared me half to death when he proposed! We have a close friend who is a Lieutenant at the Troy Police Department. So, Justin made arrangements with the Police Chief, two other officers, and our friend to pull off a traffic stop proposal. It took him about 4 months to plan, and had 30 of our family and friends waiting at the restaurant where we got pulled over so that they could be there to witness it! The best part  is that the entire proposal was filmed by the Troy PD, and they turned it into short film like an episode of cops!

We think that our love story can be summarized by one word, perseverance. We have both faced a series of obstacles along the path to standing across from each other at the ceremony. There is no doubt that the odds were stacked against us, but one thing that never failed was our commitment to each other and our future together. We met at a kickboxing class, and two weeks later he told me that one day he would marry me. Apparently he was dead serious about that! We would not be married today if it wasn’t for both of us as individuals being wholly committed to each other, and us as a couple completely certain that we are meant to be together.

 Our Wedding Video

I love the idea of being able to look back on one of the best days of our life and reflect on the feelings we had for each other in that moment, and to see how much our relationship evolves over time. Our wedding video was one of the most important aspects for us because it allows us to look back on so much. We’ll be able to see loved ones that might not still be with us later in life, but I also love that we’ll be able to show our children one day.

 Our Mike Staff Productions DJ

We still can’t get over our incredible wedding DJ that night. Not only did he have a perfect blend of music, but he went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. He learned a song by our favorite artist, JJ Grey and Mofro, and performed an acoustic version live during our recessional. It was the absolute best possible way to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. He also played live acoustic music during our dinner service, which led to at least a dozen people coming up to us after to tell us how much they enjoyed his performance. On top of all that, he kept us calm and informed the entire night. A wedding can seem chaotic at times, and he was always there to remind us what to do, where to be, and to remember to enjoy the entire night.

Our first dance song was by JJ Grey and Mofro “I Believe”. This is our favorite artist, who we’ve traveled numerous times to see play live. There’s one line in particular that resonated with Justin, which was “she’s why I believe in everything”. The lyrics tell a story of cherishing the one you love, and how they make your world and outlook on life better in so many ways.

Our Photography

Our wedding photographers were SO much fun to work with! They made it so relaxing and helped out so much throughout the day. We were truly so impressed with their work and personalities, and we feel so incredibly lucky to have picked them. They captured some beautiful photos that we can’t wait to hang in our house and look at for years to come!

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

JUSTIN: My favorite moment of the wedding day was while I was standing at the alter during the processional just moments before Tayla was going to appear from the mansion to walk down the aisle. The weather had been overcast all day, and we had been worried all week that all of our planning to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony was going to be crushed by rain. Literally moments before I saw Tayla was to walk out of the mansion and down the aisle, the sun began to break over this one cloud.

It caught my attention, and when I looked up I saw these rays or beams of sun forcing their way around that cloud. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it reminded me of our relationship. That even when days can get grey, we always made sure to bring some light and laughter to each other. Taking a deep breath to soak in the sun and cloud in the sky, I became more relaxed than I had been all day. All the nerves and excitement faded, and they were replaced with a sense of comfort and peace.

Then the most beautiful site I have ever laid my eyes on exited the mansion on the arm of her father, and gracefully walked her way across the garden to meet me at the alter. Naturally I was overcome by tears, and at the same time had this undeniable feeling that this was without a doubt the best moment in my life.   

Tayla and Justin’s Wedding Vendors

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Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

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