Alison and Chris’s Wedding at Vintage House

Our Real Wedding: April 30, 2021

“You absolutely CAN NOT get married without Mike Staff! There are not enough stars in the sky to give them a high enough rating! Thank you all so much!” – Happy Bride, Alison

Our Love Story

We always laugh and say that we are a Lifetime movie.  We met when we were teenagers (he was my first official date when I turned 16), eventually moving in together and getting engaged.  Turns out we were too young to appreciate what we had at the time and broke up (badly, I might add!)  We both went on to marry other people and had kids, he had 4 and I had 3.  Fast forward 25 years, we were brought together again and this time we were smart enough to hold on to each other!  We started dating again in 2017.  In October of 2020 we took a fall colors trip up north.  He took me to the top of a sand dune, overlooking Lake Michigan and surprised me with the proposal.  As he held out the ring he said it was time for us to finish what we had started almost 30 years ago and to finally close the circle!  We chose to write our own vows, and we both used the words “fate” and “universe” in our vows, because there really is no other explanation for our love story.

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Our Wedding Vision

Spring, when everything is fresh and new, seemed like the perfect way to start this new chapter.  I had never had a formal wedding before, and we both agreed that this event needed a big celebration! Our families were so excited to be a part of us becoming “official”, and it was very important to us to have our children included in every part of the day.  The only attendants we had were our kids, six of them ranging from 25-12.  I’m biased, but Best Wedding Party Ever!!!!


Our Favorite Wedding Moments

The double doors opening, hearing the music “Beautiful in White”-that my husband picked for me to walk down the aisle to-and seeing Chris waiting for me at the altar.  We chose not to do a first look, so that was the first moment we saw each other, and it really felt like a fairy tale!  Another favorite moment was after the ceremony, in the limo with our kids.  Seeing them so happy to be brothers and sisters, singing and partying together, was incredible.  We are blessed that our families blended so well.

Our Wedding DJ

Fun story, my daughter was married in October of 2018 and Dave was the DJ for her wedding.  When we started planning, that was the first thing I knew for sure, I wanted Dave!  My family raved about him at her wedding, and they were happy to see him again at ours!

We’re Here For You

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Our Wedding Photography

I can’t say enough about Dennis! There were so many little nuances about us, our story, and our family that meant so much to us that Dennis was able to capture.  He also fit in PERFECTLY with our crazy chaos and instantly knew names, who was who, personality quirks.  Our wedding photos are a keepsake of a day that we waited a lifetime for, and Dennis did an amazing job!

Because of limited capacity and restrictions, there were many people that were not able to attend.  Our pictures will be something that we can share with those who weren’t able to share with us in person

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