Dezarae and Charles’ Wedding at Sycamore Hills Golf Club

Our Wedding: September 4, 2021

“Overall amazing experience. Having the DJ, photographers and videographer all on the same page made the night go off without a hitch! Mike Staff Productions was professional in every aspect and exceeded the expectations we had. Would definitely recommend to anyone planning an event!” – Happy bride Dezarae

dezarae and charles wedding photography veil

Our Love Story

Charles is a Pilot, as a hobby, and was studying to get his next rating, on a random Saturday, Charles planned to go flying. Dezarae asked to tag along.. (Charles thought, perfect timing…she will never expect it) Once in the air, Charles pretended that there was a malfunction in the plane, and asked Dezarae to read a checklist, to assist with landing the plane. In complete shock and terror, Dezarae began reading the checklist, and realized about halfway through that this was “The moment” !

We met in Miami, FL in August 2015. Dezarae was on a girls trip with a group of childhood friends. Charles, new to the Detroit area, was invited by one of his coworkers, to attend a guys trip, to get to know some friends in Michigan. Initially Charles declined to go, however, last minute he changed his mind and booked his flight a day prior to the trip. That group of guys and Dezarae’s childhood friends had met the year prior in Miami, once the groups realized they’d be in Miami together, they decided to meet up. The two groups ended up meeting at the Casa Grande Hotel on South Beach  that night. After a few drinks, good music and conversations, the groups started taking pictures to post on social media detailing the fun of the trip. A flirtatious Charles  takes a liking to Dezarae and approaches her in hopes to get a copy of the picture they all just took. A few corny pick up lines and smiles later the couple exchanged phone numbers. Dezarae and Charles hit it off instantly and have been inseparable since.

dezarae and charles wedding photography outdoors

Our Wedding Vision

Initially we planned on getting married at The Rattlesnake club, (Downtown Detroit). The ceremony was on the waterfront, cocktail hour on a sting lit patio and conclude with our reception in the atrium.

Two months before our wedding, The Rattlesnake called us and informed us they were canceling ALL upcoming weddings so we had to quickly pivot and find a new venue for the same day. Luckily Sycamore Hills Golf club had our date! Which was Amazing considering ALL of Charles guests were out- of- town and had already made all travel arrangements.

Our Wedding Photography

Greg and his team were awesome! Always attention to detail, innovative, and keeping the group on task. We were very pleased to work with such a professional that also connected with us personally. To me, professional wedding photos are the biggest piece of a day because its really all you have left to remember the day/moments!

When we get our photos it will be a huge gift to be able to display them on social media and post cards for folks who couldn’t be there. It also will help those who were there relive the moments both through their eyes and the eyes of others

Our Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is equally as important as photography. They tell you the night flies by but its 10 times faster than you could imagine. Along with photos to remember the emotional blur video is also key in reliving those moments

Our Favorite Moments

The first was meeting at the altar. A very emotional and spiritual experience.

The second was the dance floor jammed packed with our loved ones dancing all night long. Truly a site to see!

And the bride and her fathers choreographed dance. It was unexpected, but everyone loved it!

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