Julie and Eric’s Wedding

Julie and Eric black and white romantics

Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 12, 2020

“10/10 I would recommend. All staff listened to us and truly provided us with exactly what we wanted at our wedding.”

Happy Bride, Julie

Our Love Story

Eric and I met about 13 years ago and have kept in touch throughout the years. We started dating in 2018. In December 2019, he took me to the house we were building and proposed in the “would be” dining room in front of the double sliding doors.

Our Wedding Vision

I wanted a small, relaxed wedding without a lot of formalities.

The indoor venue was cut to half capacity and after talking to many guests most stated they would be more comfortable outdoors. So, we cut our guest list from 140 to 70 and moved the “venue” to Eric’s parents house. They have a lot of property and a perfect open, couple acre field surrounded by trees.

Our Wedding Photography

Our wedding photographer was amazing. I warned him that Eric was not a fan of pictures let alone photo shoots. I requested any “formal” picture times be very low key, short and sweet. Chris made Eric and I totally comfortable. He captured every moment we wanted but we always felt free and relaxed. We  were able to enjoy the entire day, we never felt rushed or that we “missed”our wedding due to formalities and other distractions.

Photo memories turned out to be a lot more important to us and family then ever imagined. The fact that Chris was able to capture all the big pictures down to the fine details of our wedding has made it so we can share our wedding with those who truly wanted to be there but were under travel restrictions, were high risk, or nervous due to covid.  The fact that within a month I have the photos and am able to download, print and send them to all really has allowed family and friends to share our experience quickly.

Julie and Eric outdoor romantics

Julie and Eric romantics session

Our Wedding Memories

My favorite moment was reading his letter and first looks. My next favorite moment was our vow exchange because they were unique and we were so relaxed, comfortable, and had a lot of fun.

Julie and Eric vows

Julie and Eric’s Wedding Vendors

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