Mary Paige and Sal’s Wedding at Waldenwoods

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 15, 2019

“We were extremely impressed with Mike Staff. From working with the staff at their office to our chosen DJ, videographer, and photographer, we had a great experience. We would recommend Mike Staff to anyone getting married and would choose them again!”

– Happy Couple, Mary Paige & Sal

mary paige and sal sunset in winter

Our Love Story

I asked Mary Paige’s dad for her hand in marriage about three or four days after I got the ring. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to propose so I actually did it that night. We were just hanging out at home when I popped the question. I didn’t have anything crazy planned, were home bodies so it just felt right.

Our Wedding Vision

We wanted to go for the classic romantic feel. We’re very simple people and didn’t want anything extravagant, just a simple yet beautiful layout. One of our biggest priorities was to make sure that our guests were going to have a great time celebrating with us. We planned everything by ourselves so it was awesome to see everything come together so beautifully and get so many compliments by our friends and family.

Our Wedding DJ

Our professional wedding DJ Dave was great and had everyone dancing all night. We were outside taking some more photos but we heard Cupid Shuffle come on and literally everyone was on the dance floor.

We chose the song Heaven by Kane Brown. I had heard the song a while back and really wanted it to be our first dance song. Mary Paige didn’t know how she felt at first but after playing it nonstop she fell in love with it.

Our Wedding Photography

Shannon was amazing! We had her do our engagement photos as well as our wedding. She is so laid back and made us feel very comfortable which made her super easy to work with. Our wedding photos are very important to us, they’re something we can look back on for the rest of the lives and share with our friends and family.

Our Wedding Videography

Having a video of our wedding was probably the most important thing to us. A couple of our friends had gotten married without a videographer and they instantly regretted it, so we made sure to not make the same mistake. It gives us a whole new way to experience our wedding that pictures aren’t able to do.

Our Wedding Memories

One of our favorite moments would have to be right before the reception when we had about 15 minutes to ourselves. It was great being able to relax and just be with each other for that little period of time before heading back out to be with everyone. If we have any advice for couples getting married, its to carve out some alone time to be with each other throughout the busy day, even its for a few minutes.

waldenwoods romantics

Mary Paige & Sal’s Wedding Vendors 

Don’t trust your wedding to anyone else. Mike Staff Productions would be honored to bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!

Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

At Mike Staff Productions, we trust that you’ll choose the perfect person to work with because you know what you want on your wedding day!  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ, photographer or videographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the planning process.

Let’s bring your wedding vision to life!