Melissa and Travis’s Wedding

Our Real Detroit Wedding: August 14, 2020

“As a pandemic bride who went through a world wind of changes to my original vision and had to adapt and change so much up to and including the day of my wedding, I would 1000% recommend the Mike Staff Experience. Over the course of my wedding planning I had to be in contact with the team a lot with changes and details. Every single person made me feel like a priority. That no matter what was thrown our way they would do everything in their power to help make that day special. And boy were they put to the test because with my wedding it seemed like every possible disaster that could happen happened. They were true to their promise and helped make that disaster of a day on of the best, most beautiful, and important days of my life that I will never forget and will alway be so blessed to have had it come out as epically beautiful and perfect as it did.”

Happy Bride, Melissa

Our Love Story

My fiancé and I met online. We were both very much over the dating game and had almost given up. But something had us hang on just a little longer to find one another. It didn’t take us long to realize that spending almost 8 hours on the phone each night and being eager to commute on the weekends almost an hour was that something special we both didn’t realize we were waiting for. So a few months later he asked my dad for permission and found a way to completely surprise me. Of course I said yes.

Our Wedding Vision

This is a very loaded question. Before we got engaged we talked about a destination wedding or on outside with a beautiful view. Then we realized that with all the family and friends we wanted a outside venue wasn’t the most comfortable all around so we opted for Fox Hills and the ballroom with the big windows of their greens. We decided to get married with a year of our engagement so a church ceremony was out and we opted to have an officiant we knew do it on property outside.

There is very little we did not have to change. With our original date in May 2020 I become a pandemic bride without ever wanting too. We had to change our date, venue, indoor to outdoor, guests list, hair and makeup stylist, invitations, honeymoon, you think about it we probably had to change something about it.

Our Wedding Photography

Greg and his team was AMAZING!!! Outside of our actual marriage the photos and video were one of the most important things to us. Our photographer Greg was so great. He definitely had a first had experience to all the changes we had to go through before and on the day of the wedding. He never blinked just adapted like we had to and made something beautiful and breathtaking out of what could have felt like a huge disaster. Overall we had a great experience. It might not have been the experience I dreamed of but it was one I will never forget of the one of the best days of my life.

Our Wedding Videography

It took me a while to decide to do the professional wedding video package. It wasn’t until about two months before the wedding I booked. Honestly once I did I don’t know what I took me so long. I think my video quickly became the best investment we made. I got a chance to see things I missed, to hear the details of the speeches that my emotions had me miss and most importantly remember the emotions behind the words we spoke during our vows.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and all the changes forced upon our wedding because of it we had a large drop in our guest count. The pictures and the video were the first thing those guests that couldn’t come were begging for.

Our Wedding Memories

My favorite moment from our wedding day was FINALLY getting to say our vows. Not only had we postponed the date but on the day of our wedding the skies decided to surprise us with a rain storm that delay the ceremony and ultimately moved it into the tent. Nothing mattered once I finally stood in front of Travis and we said our vows.

Melissa and Travis’s Wedding Vendors

  • Dresses: Allure Bridal Salon
  • Mike Staff Productions: Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Wedding DJ

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