Natalie and Derek’s Wedding at Waldenwoods

Our Real Detroit Wedding: October 26, 2019

“Our Mike Staff Experience was seamless. It was very helpful to have all services together as they were able to coordinate amongst each other and every person reached out to us prior to our day to coordinate a schedule with us so we were all on the same page. We love them and would recommend using this service.”

Happy Bride, Natalie

natalie and derek at waldenwoods

Our Love Story

Derek and I took a trip with my parents out to Colorado near Aspen, to visit my brother and take a 3 day 26 mile backpacking trip through the mountains at Maroon Bells Snowmass. We all made our way out to the beginning of the hike, gear in tow and my brother decided we should watch as the sunrise illuminated the mountains early in the morning, the view was breathtaking. Derek kneeled down behind me and proposed unexpectedly. I was shocked, and it was a moment I will always treasure. Derek and I have been together for quite some time and our relationship has evolved and grown, we have learned a lot from each other and have had some great experiences together.

Our Wedding Vision

Derek and I envisioned an elegant classic ambience with some rustic touches. We wanted a beautiful venue that did most of the work on its own with lots of personal additions that connected to our families and history as a couple.

Our Wedding Photography

Shannon was our expert wedding photographer and she was amazing. She focused completely on Derek and I and was aware of all of our wants. She was extremely organized and was detail oriented. She took amazing photos of our decor and made it a point to listen to the types of photos we wanted. We really wanted some great photos that everyone could enjoy. Shannon ran the show but did it in a way where she was behind the scenes. She made it a point to check in with us throughout our day to make sure we were happy. Shannon also has an upbeat personality and will take the time to get true, raw emotion out of you while taking away the nerves.

Our Wedding Videography

A wedding video to us let us relive our day that is so important to us. If we are lucky we only get married once in life and having all those memories captured on video is such a cool innovative way of having a keepsake. Derek and I wanted to not only relive the moments that were amazing in the time but relive the experience through the eyes of our guests.

Our Wedding DJ

Our DJ, Josh was so professional and was cognizant of our wants and needs. He knew what songs to play at what time. Our parents gave us thanks to the classic rock favorites played during dinner and the songs that got people dancing. He also hosted the father/daughter and mother/son dances extremely well and was formal and respectful while announcing the garter and bouquet tosses. We were really appreciative for the anniversary dance as it allowed multiple guests to dance and feel comfortable. Classic shuffles/ dance along songs were definitely a hit for most guests.

We chose millionaire by Chris Stapleton. This song we both have enjoyed for a number of years and have listened to it plenty of times traveling in the car and both love the sound of it. The lyrics to this song are sweet and easy to dance to.

natalie and derek first dance

Our Wedding Memories

I think our favorite moments were getting to see all of our guests and having those moments to ourselves to enjoy the little things. I loved getting to hear the toasts and dancing with all of our friends

ceremony surrounded by family

Natalie & Derek’s Wedding Vendors


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